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With Our Glass Hardware

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Decorative Architectural Glass

Elegantly Sophisticated - Tastefully Eccentric

FGD-OSS is a premier Decorative Architectural Glass fabricator and supplier serving the Hospitality and Design Industry by utilizing our award winning designs and in-house fabricating. After more than a decade FGD-OSS has become a leading Decorative Architectural Glass source for Architects, Designers, and Contractors, and has earned the trust of some of the largest firms in the nation; discover what we can do for yours.

FGD Glass Solutions Glass Shower Enclosures


Glass Shower Enclosures

FGD-OSS will help you define your brand standard with our trend setting Glass Shower Enclosures. The Imperial Collection offers the elegance, and style to meet the demands of five star resorts and hotels and commercial projects around the world. By offering a vast array of customizable sizes, decorative architetural glass services, layouts, and hardware options, our Shower Enclosures will fit every budget, style, and design. You don’t have to remodel your bathroom to get a new glass shower enclosure.

FGD Glass Solutions Glass Doors, Walls, Dividers, and Partitions


Glass Doors, Walls, and Partitions

With the FGD-OSS Glass Doors, Walls, and Partition systems, we offer options beyond the simple sliding door to your space.
Consider changing your entire environment with sliding glass doors, walls, and partitions. Interact with your environment by altering spaces, play with natural light, and create space saving areas.

FGD Glass Solutions Decorative Glass Services


Decorative Glass

FGD-OSS Decorative Architectural Glass Services offers a wide variety of textured glass, vibrant back-painted colors, glass film, along with our other various decorative glass services. We also offer custom fabrication through our in-house artists. We can help you create a “one of a kind” brand standard that works with your project.

FGD Glass Solutions Protective Glass Tops


Protective Glass Tops

Protect your investment with FGD-OSS Protective Glass Tops. Furniture in high traffic areas and public spaces are susceptible to certain damage in a short amount of time. From moisture build up to scratches and even UV rays from the sun, protect your valuable table tops and other casegoods with our protective glass tops.

FGD Glass Solutions Glass Hardware


Glass Hardware

Polish your Architectural Glass Projects off right with the sleek, bold style of the FGD-OSS Glass Hardware product line. Choose between brushed or polished metal, making this collection fit seamlessly into any environment. Designed to offer years of durability and strength, FGD-OSS Glass Hardware not only ensures your piece looks stunning, but that it also functions for many years.

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