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FGD-OSS is a premier Decorative Architectural Glass fabricator and supplier serving the Hospitality and Design Industry by utilizing our award winning designs and in-house fabricating. After more than a decade FGD-OSS has become a leading Decorative Architectural Glass source for Architects, Designers, and Contractors, and has earned the trust of some of the largest firms in the nation; discover what we can do for yours.

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Glass vs. Acrylic: Which is Better?

Glass vs. Acrylic: Which is Better?

A lot of projects are using decorative acrylic in the place of decorative glass and for some very good reasons. But, is acrylic always the better choice? Acrylic does have its place along with a wealth of pros. But it do ...

Redesign With Glass Showers in Mind

Redesign With Glass Showers in Mind

You've decided to renovate those dirty, dated bathtubs into sleek, modern glass showers. But that's as far as you've gotten. What size do you need? What layout is best? Sliding or pivot design? what hardware should you c ...

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