Decorative Glass Services

Go Crazy with Our Decorative Glass Services

FGD-OSS Decorative Architectural Glass offers a wide variety of textured glass, vibrant back-painted colors, glass film, along with our other various decorative glass services. We also offer custom fabrication through our in-house artists. We can help you create a “one of a kind” brand standard that works with your project.

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  • Etched Glass
  • Digitally Printed Glass
  • Decorlite Back-Painted Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • RemarkablesGlass Whiteboards
  • LED Edge Lit Glass
  • Glass Film
  • Textured Glass

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Etched Glass Services


Etched glass is a great functioning and decorative piece for the laid back casual environments to the most sophisticated. Etched  glass patterns add a great touch as a centerpiece or integrated into your casegoods protective glass, partitions, walls, and glass showers. Etched glass even adds privacy to partitions, glass showers, offices, or public spaces. The artistic abilities with etched glass offers you endless design options; use your own custom design or spread your company culture and create your own brand standard.
  • Various Opacities and Gradients
  • Perfect as Private Glass in Corporate Settings
  • Etch Your Custom Designs and Patterns
  • Seamlessly Integrates with Other Decorative Services

Glass Film Services


When you can't permanently alter the glass in your space, our glass film is a perfect alternative. Whether you want frosted panels, etched designs, or a great looking color graphic or print, our glass film is sure to fit the bill. Easy to install and remove, our glass film will not damage your existing glass panels. You are now able to achieve so much thanks to our frosted, etched, and printed glass decorative films that even feel like frosted glass! Use our vast library of designs and patters, or create your own.
  • Looks and Feels Just Like Etched Glass
  • Easily Installed and Removed
  • Will Not Damage Glass
  • Create Your Own Custom Colors and Designs



Glass Whiteboards

Our Remarkables Glass Whiteboards have become a staple in a range of industries around the country. Use our range of decorative glass services such as etching and frosting, back-painting, printing, laminating, along with clear options in a range of thicknesses to create a glass whiteboard that not only looks great but meets your demands. Choose from a selection of glass hardware such as channels, wall mounts or stand-offs to set off your glass whiteboard with style and flare. Our hardware is offered in finishes such as chrome, brushed, and polished finishes that will match any space.
Our special tempered glass designs ensure years of durability under the most heavy use and prevents shattering and the low porous nature of our glass prevents stains and bacteria build up, perfect for offices, hospitals, and public areas. All of our glass whiteboards are offered with the optional magnetic backing extending it's functionality allowing you to store documents directly to the face of your glass whiteboard.
  • Fabricated to Any Size
  • Choose from Millions of Colors
  • Clear and Frosted Models Available
  • Easily Cleaned and Will Never Stain
  • Non-Microbial Making it Perfect for Public Spaces
  • Tempred Design Renders it Almost Indestructable



Decorative Laminated Glass

Explore our three exciting decorative laminated glass lines or incorporate your custom interlayer for your next project. We offer a huge selection of laminated glass colors in our ViviColor Line, stone textures with VitraStone, natural fiber interlayers such as wood in the Etama line, and finally add a delicate touch of class with our fabric interlayer line called Coutoure.
Choose opacity levels with our frosted interlayers with all of your laminated projects or mix and match with other decorative services.
By using laminated glass in your designs, you gain the ability to control daylighting and even score LEED points while delivering a stunning centerpiece in your space.
  • 4 Amazing Decorative Lines
  • Control Daylighting
  • Perfect as Partitions and Walls or as Sliding Glass Doors

LED Edge Lit Glass Services

Create powerful impact by illuminating your etched glass with our LED Edge Lit Glass service. Transform any frosted or etched glass surface into a power display in any setting. With literally millions of colors at your fingertips, use our wireless remote to change the mood of your space or the display of your glass panel. Our LED Edge Lit options works great with patterns, logos, and images etched directly to your glass piece.
  • Bold Display Perfect for Logos and Branding
  • Choose From Millions of Colors to Light Up Your Glass
  • Easliy Configure and Control with Wireless Remote

Decorlite Back-Painted Glass

Replace the dated granite backsplashes and countertops or add stunning wall cladding with our DecorLite back-painted glass options. Our back-painted glass is even great for protective glass tops for your casegoods or wall cladding.  Offered in a variety of colors, our back-painted glass offers a new sleek approach to design. And for those who need a certain color, we offer an exact color match option when you need to extend brand culture or design colors to your back-painted glass. Because of its hygienic properties, our back-painted glass works great in hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms and offices.
  • Resists Bacteria Making it Perfect for Public Areas
  • Perfect for Wall Cladding or Backsplashes
  • Exact Color Match for Custom Colors

Textured & Patterned Glass Services


Create a dynamic light and texture experience with each of our Rolled and Cast Carved Glass Textured Collections. These custom and standard patterns allow a deeper, connection with your design by adding a physical element by connecting a tactile sense to a beautiful visual design.

Utilizing traditional and modern texturing techniques, achieve artistic distortion of light through the three dimensional surface.

Specify the density and opacity of the pattern and you will be able to control the amount and quality of light within your space. This is especially beneficial should you need to distinguish areas for privacy or take advantage of natural light to increase day light within your scene.

  • Many Classic and Modern Patterns Available
  • Seamlessly Integrates with Our Laminated Glass Services
  • Custom Design Your Own with our Cast Carved Services
  • Perfect For Windows, Walls, Partitions, and Doors.


Digital Glass Printing Services


Print in high definition direct to glass with our Digital Glass Printing option. With full color spectrum in 1200 DPI, we can print truly vibrant images and designs onto glass up to 120”x72”. Choose printed glass for light enhancing imaged windows or privacy partitions. Choose between different levels of opacity and density to achieve the perfect effect. Printed glass is a true example of functioning art.
  • Print High Quality 1200 DPI Images To Glass
  • CMYK Printing Allows for HD Image Quality
  • Over-Sized Glass Panel Printing