Decorative Laminated Glass

About Decorative Laminated Glass

Explore our three exciting decorative laminated glass lines or incorporate your custom interlayer for your next project. We offer a huge selection of laminated glass colors in our ViviColor Line, stone textures with VitraStone, natural fiber interlayers such as wood in the Etama line, and finally add a delicate touch of class with our fabric interlayer line called Couture.
Choose opacity levels with our frosted interlayers for all of your laminated projects or mix and match with other decorative services.
By using laminated glass in your designs, you gain the ability to control daylighting and even score LEED points while delivering a stunning centerpiece in your space.

Frosted Laminated Glass

We also offer frosted interlayers that can be used alone or in conjunction with any of our decorative interlayers.  Adjusting the opacity, you can change the function of your decorative laminated glass. Design privacy walls with zero opacity, full frosted interlayers or section off areas of office departments with a 30% frosted interlayer. Another use by designers is to combine a custom interlayer or one of our decorative interlayer lines with a frosted interlayer to bring more focus to laminated artwork.

ViviColor Decorative Laminated Glass

About ViviColor Laminated Glass

ViviColor laminated glass is a full palette containing hundreds of colors. Control daylighting in your environment or choose brand colors. Combine with frosted interlayers to create privacy walls and partitions or other decorative interlayers to create a one of a kind piece.


ViviColor Samples

Etama Decorative Laminated Glass

About Etama Laminated Glass

Etama features our earthy, organic decorative interlayers such as wood and grasses. Mixing raw fibers with the sleek design of glass introduces a refined, natural feel to even the most urban spaces. Acid free and eco-conscious, our Etama collection add warmth and and organic tones to your project.


Etama Laminated Glass Samples

VitraStone Decorative Laminated Glass

About VitraStone Laminated Glass

Warm stone textures, wood grain, and Italian marble are all featured in our VitraStone line of decorative laminated glass. Perfect for walls, partitions, backsplashes, and glass countertops, our VitraStone line will complement any setting. With class and charm mixed with the bold sleek design of glass, VitraStone adds new visual excitement to your project.


VitraStone Laminated Glass Samples


Couture Decorative Laminated Glass

About Couture Laminated Glass

Delicacy and elegance is what Couture is all about. Sheer fabrics and designs from around the world, laminated in glass for walls and partitions are a great way to divide a space with grace and class. Much like curtains are used,


Coutoure Laminated Glass Samples


Custom Decorative Laminated Glass

About Custom Decorative Laminated Glass

In conjunction with our in-house art department, we offer custom printed interlayers for your next laminated glass project.

Oversized custom interlayers are designed to allow for larger projects such as glass walls and dividers, glass and shower doors, or partitions to be laminated with custom imagery, graphics, or designs. Carrying a brand, idea, or design throughout a space has never been easier with our custom interlayer printing.

We offer full 1200 DPI capabilities for high resolution output for colorful, highly detailed interlayers. The materials used in our interlayers also make this a prime service in sunlit areas or in conjunction with exteriror designs due to the UV protectant properties that resist fading.


Custom Laminated Glass Samples