Decorlite Back-Painted Glass

About Decorlite Back-Painted Glass

Replace the dated granite backsplashes and countertops or add stunning wall cladding with our Decorlite back-painted glass options. Our back-painted glass is even great for protective glass tops for your casegoods.  Offered in thousands of colors, our back-painted glass offers a new sleek approach to design. And for those who need a certain color, we offer an exact color match option when you need to continue your brand culture or design colors to your decorative glass pieces. Because of its hygienic properties, our back-painted glass works great in all public spaces like, hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms and offices.

Custom Color Match


Our Custom Color Match program is perfect in those situations where your space is defined by that special color. College football teams that have a very special orange, or a corporation that is continuing it's branding on glass whiteboards, our custom color match will ensure your individual color continues throughout your space.

Decorlite Back-Painted Glass Samples