Remarkables Glass Whiteboards

About Remarkables Glass Whiteboards

The Remarkables Glass Whiteboards product line is comprised of On-Site Systems’ extensive decorative glass expertise. Our line of models includes features such as frosted, printed, or back-painted glass along with clear and frosted surfaces in a range of thicknesses. You can also choose from a selection of hardware for mounting purposes like stand-offs and flush mounting systems in a range of finishes. Your glass whiteboard will last for years to come thanks to the high quality ultra clear tempered glass we source to fabricate each glass whiteboard. The low porous nature of Starphire glass is bacteria resistant while preventing stains and its tempered design will protect your glass whiteboard against bumps and impacts. The magnetic backing feature extends the functionality of our glass whiteboards allowing you to store documents directly to the surface.

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Remarkables Glass Whiteboard Sizes

We offer our standard glass sizes that cover most spaces and uses, or you can order a custom size glass whiteboard designed around your needs. Whether you need office partitions, glass walls, or wall size glass whiteboards, we can build it.

Our Standard Sizes Are:

• 2x3
• 3x4
• 4x5
• 4x6
• 4x8
• 4x10


Remarkables Glass Whiteboard Colors

Choose from our wide selection of glass back-painted colors from our Decorlite catalog. Or take advantage of our "exact match color system" to create your own unique glass whiteboard color. Extend your brand image or company culture to your glass whiteboards or simply add a colorful border on any of our standard packages. 


Remarkables Glass Whiteboard Mounting Hardware

Choose from various hardware mounting options like the edge grip, stand-off, and the concealed z-clip that mounts your glass whiteboard flush to the surface. All of our glass whiteboard mounting hardware is offered in a variety of finishes such as chrome, brushed, and polished. This selection of hardware is designed to give years of durability and never stain or rust. 

Remarkables Glass Whiteboard Decorative Glass Services

Add extra functionality to your glass whiteboard by incorporating graphs, charts, lines, and graphics with our decorative glass services. Print or etch your company logo or core values, calendars, or brand culture directly to any of our glass whiteboards.

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Remarkables Glass Whiteboard Custom Fabrication

Our Remarkables Glass Whiteboards are as unique as our customers. That’s why we offer  our custom glass whiteboard service because sometimes, standard doesn’t cut it. By utilizing our collection of decorative glass expertise and services, we’ll help you build the perfect glass whiteboard that fits your needs, space, and budget. We offer oversized glass panels, bold colors, frosted glass finishes, glass printing, and a variety of hardware styles. Mix and match our services to create a one of a kind glass whiteboard that reflects your needs and workflow.