Textured Decorative Glass

About Decorative Textured Glass

The physical element of our Textured Glass Patterns connects a tactile sense to an already beautiful visual design.
Create a dynamic light and texture experience with each of our Rolled and Cast Carved Glass Textured Collections. These custom and standard patterns allow a deeper, connection with your design. Utilizing traditional and modern texturing techniques, we offer you a collection to physically heighten the energy of your design.

The artistic distortion of light through the three dimensional surface projects beautiful lighting and transparency effects and can work to support the intent of your design. By specifying the density and opacity of the pattern, you are able to control the amount and quality of light withing your space. This is especially beneficial should you need to distinguish areas for privacy or take advantage of natural light to increase day light within your scene.

Rolled Textured Glass

Rolled glass, or as some call it, cathedral glass is produced by passing soft glass through metal rollers that imbed a pattern or design on a glass panel. Styles ranging from organic to geometric, some patterns have been used for hundreds of years. Textured glass offers a physical and visual flair to your project by introducing age old techniques to even the most modern interiors.

Rolled Glass Samples

Cast Carved Glass

Our unique cast carved textured glass service offers a brilliant balance between the delicate, smooth designs cast glass with the accuracy and precision of etched glass. Cast glass is when soft glass panels are placed in a cast containing a design and when cooled the resulting glass panel has taken the shape of the cast resulting in a 3d image or pattern. One issue with cast glass is that the edges become distorted and both sides of the panel are deformed to create the image. Cast carved glass on the other hand offers the same visual flair of cast glass, but is made completely by hand; no casts. This unique artistic service offers straight edges of the glass panel ensuring snug installations and a smooth back of the glass letting you mix other decorative services with your cast carved glass. Laminate, back-paint, or even print on any cast carved glass.

Cast Carved Glass Samples