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Decorative Laminated Glass

Decorative Glass Service

About Laminated Glass

We offer a huge selection of laminated glass colors in our ViviColor line, stone textures with VitraStone collection, natural fiber interlayers such as wood in the Etama line, and finally add a delicate touch of class with our fabric interlayer line called Couture.

Choose opacity levels with our frosted interlayers for all of your laminated projects plus mix and match with other decorative services like mirror backing, etching, and back-painting.

Frosted interlayer opacities

Frosted interlayer gradient

By using laminated glass in your designs, you gain the ability to control daylighting and even score LEED points while delivering a stunning centerpiece in your space.

Laminated Glass Points of Interest

Interlayer frosted transparencies from 10% – 100%
Full size gradient fades and patterns for full opacity to complete translucency
Custom printed interlayers for unique designs and patterns based on your specs
Compatible with other services such as etched glass, back-painting, mirror backing, and printing
Use color interlayers to control daylighting that contributes to LEED points
Laminated glass panels up to 48″ x 120″

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