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DecorLite Back-Painted Glass

Decorative Glass Service

About DecorLite Back-Painted Glass

DecorLite back-painted glass collection encompasses over 2,300 colors using the ICA color tintometric system. This allows us to offer unbeatable short lead times and perfect consistency.

Soft Teal Decorlite Back-Painted Glass Sample

DecorLite back-painted glass has been geared towards reduction in environmental impact. Due to it’s low levels of volatile organic compounds (low VOC), DecorLite back-painted glass is within compliance with the regulations on the limitations of solvent emissions into the atmosphere.
Our back-painted glass is also non-flammable and will dilute in water making furthering it’s ability to perform environmentally.

Stock Library Colors

Back-Painted Glass Points of Interest

Over 2300 Library Colors
Non-flammable, water based, low VOC paints
Bacteria resistant making it perfect for hospitals, offices, and lobbies
Compatible with other services such as etching, lamination, and printing
Fabrication sizes up to 48″ x 144″

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