Glass Shower Enclosures

Discover Our Imperial Glass Shower Series

FGD-OSS will help you define your brand standard with our trend setting Glass Shower Enclosures. The Imperial Collection offers the elegance, and style to meet the demands of five star resorts and hotels and commercial projects around the world. By offering a vast array of customizable sizes, layouts, and hardware options, our Shower Enclosures will fit every budget, style, and design. You don’t have to remodel your bathroom to get a new glass shower enclosure.

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Models & Layouts


  • 345 Glass Shower Enclosure

    All Glass Shower Enclosures / Frameless / Sliding
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  • JP 402 Frameless Glass Shower

    All Glass Shower Enclosures / Frameless / Pivot
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  • JP 206 Semi-Frameless Glass Shower

    All Glass Shower Enclosures / Semi-Frameless / Sliding
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  • 234 LP Frameless Glass Shower

    All Glass Shower Enclosures / Frameless / Sliding
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  • 314 LP Frameless Glass Shower

    All Glass Shower Enclosures / Frameless / Sliding
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  • 204 LP Frameless Glass Shower

    All Glass Shower Enclosures / Frameless / Sliding
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  • 209 FP Frameless Glass Shower

    All Glass Shower Enclosures / Frameless / Hinged
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Shower Builder and Planner


Design your own custom shower with the FGD|OSS Shower Builder and Planner.
Every job is unique, so why settle for a generic shower? Design the perfect shower for your project with our shower model builder and planner.

Our shower model builder and planner offers a wealth of options allowing you to mix and match decorative options, hardware, shower models and finishes. Save your custom shower and use on your presentation board and in your plans.

Shower Enclosure Glass Panels

An Overview of Our Glass Panels


All of our glass panels are custom fabricated to fit your specs and offered in a variety of thicknesses. Our tempered design will ensure your glass shower enclosures stand up to even the most demanding use and paired with our clear glass shield, your glass shower enclosure will resist stains, dirt, and discoloration. For a highly level of clarity and light transmission, select our low-iron glass option. This is great when paired with our decorative glass services like etching or lamination.
Glass Panel Sizes

Our sliding glass doors are custom fabricated to fit within your space. With a wealth of glass options available, we are able to assure you that we can help you hit your budget and style. Our glass panels are offered in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" thicknesses to cater to your choice in pivot and sliding designs. Our sliding, folding and pivot doors along with our walls and partitions start at 28 inches and go to as wide as your space allows. The sliding door option is only available with showers that have at least a 58 inch opening. Our pivot glass showers doors are limited to a 36 inch width due to the flex factor in the glass. If a pivot door is too wide, cracking may occur when the door is shut hard. Also, our pivots are specified to not exceed a certain weight limit to ensure proper function.

Tempered Glass Design

Our glass doors, walls, and partitions are fabricated with tempered glass panels. This ensures safety and durability in even the most demanding environments. When paired with the proper hardware and designed to meet weight and size specifications, our glass panels will offer years of safety and dependability.

Low-Iron Glass Panels

Our glass panels are offered in an array of tints and levels of clarity. Our standard glass panels are widely used in commercial and hospitality settings along with our low-iron option. The low-iron glass panels offer a higher level of clarity that removes the green hugh often associated with glass replacing it with a blue edge and an ultra clear front and back pane. Other glass panel colors we offer are bronze and a smoked gray finish in either standard or low-iron.

Clear Glass Shield

Our clear glass shield is designed to maintain and protect your glass panels. Glass doors, walls, and partitions that are protected by clear glass shield will resit stains, dirt, and discoloration. This will ultimately add longevity to your glass panels and also makes them easier to clean.


Decorative Glass Services

Each Service Yeilds It's Own Unique Style and Design Capabilites


Our decorative glass services are designed to enhance your glass  shower enclosures, creating that one of a kind brand standard piece your design needs. Utilize our decorative glass services such as laminated glass, rolled glass patterns, cast-carved glass, etched glass, and frosted glass.

Mix and match our decorative glass services to get that exact look you need and if you need custom artwork, our team of artisans in conjunction with our art department will make sure your glass shower enclosure is exactly what you're looking for.

Laminated Glass

Our lamination options allow you to incorporate a pop of color in your space with our color interlayers or add an image to your glass shower enclosure by printing interlayers in full resolution and color.

Etched and Frosted Glass

Our Etched and Frosted glass services are offered in a variety of patterns and designs. Choose from full frosted panels to gradients that add privacy and style. We also offer a vast library of geometric and organic shapes fitting in with your environment's style. Carry your brand over to your glass showers with our custom etching solutions by etching your logo and company brand.

Rolled Glass

Rolled Glass patterns are an age old tradition offering a wide variety of shapes and patterns that make up the glass panel.

Cast-Carved Glass

When you're looking for a individual touch that sepurates you from the crowd, cast-carved glass is the ultimate option. Mimicing the look and feel of cast glass, cast-carved glass gives you a higher degree of detail with standard designs or custom art work.


Glass Shower Hardware

Polish Off Your Project with Style


Our selection of glass shower enclosure hardware provides you a variety of options like finishes that meet your design needs along with a hardware styles that compliment your design vision. With so many styles and finishes, your glass shower enclosure will be a one of a kind luxury brand standard, usually reserved for luxury hotel brands, that will keep people talking. Our sliders, pivots, towel racks, knobs, and handles are as sleek and bold as our clients' eye for design allowing each shower enclosure to function as well as it looks.


Hardware Highlights

  • Vast Sliding and Pivot Hardware Designs
  • Knobs and Handles That Add Function and Beauty
  • Chrome, Brushed, Polished, and Bronze Finishes