Barn Doors, Walls, & Partitions

Alter Your Environment

With FGD-OSS Interior Sliding Glass Barn Doors, Walls, and Partitions we offer options beyond the simple sliding glass barn door to your space.
Consider changing your entire environment with interior sliding glass barn doors, walls, and partitions.
Interact with your environment by altering spaces, play with natural light, and create space saving areas.

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Interior Sliding Barn Door Models

Design Your Custom Barn Door

Design a custom barn door perfectly suited for your space. With our Barn-Door Builder, you can choose between door models, hardware finishes, decorative glass options, handles, and colors. When you're done, save a copy of your door for your presentation board and in your plans.

Interior Sliding Glass Barn Doors

Grand Opening, Soft Close


Make no mistake about it, glass barn doors create a powerful impression and a grand entrance. Used in luxury developments, corporate environments, and five-star resorts around the world our interior sliding glass barn doors and pivot glass doors offers a sleek, bold look that nothing else compares to. Paired with high quality machined glass hardware, offered in a variety of finishes, provides you the ability to mix and match pieces to fit your style and specs. Using our high quality, low-iron tempered glass, your barn door will stand up to the most demanding environments and abuse and offer crystal clear results for years to come. 
Single Sliding Glass Doors

Consisting of a single glass panel on a sliding system, our sliding glass doors will offer a great way to save space and add a sleek feature in your space.

Bi-Parting Sliding Glass Barn Doors

Two glass panels on a sliding system that can move independently or in tandem. Our sliding glass barn doors provide a large opening with a minimal storing space through synchronized bi-parting glass doors sliding along an existing wall or sidelights.


Glass Walls and Partitions

Divide Space and Organize your Environment


Break up a large space, add some definition, create sections, or build a room with our glass walls and partitions. Installed with low profile hardware and paired with our decorative glass services, glass walls and partitions become a functioning work of art. Continue branding throughout an open concept office space, add logos in hotels, or print landscapes in lobby areas. Glass walls are great with coupled with our pivot and sliding glass doors to divide up a room or to create an office. 
  • Divide up your space with partitions
  • Create spaces and rooms with glass walls
  • Integrate glass doors with your glass walls
  • Add decorative glass services like etched glass


Glass Panel Information

An Overview of Our Glass Panels


Our collection of siding and pivoting glass doors, walls, and partitions offer a wealth of options to create a unique space in any environment. Our standard glass thicknesses and tempered glass panels offer trusted durability in even the harshest environments. Choose our low-iron option for a high level of clarity and our clear glass shield will offer resistance to stains, dirt, and discoloration.
Glass Panel Sizes

Our sliding glass doors are custom fabricated to fit within your space. With a wealth of glass options available, we are able to assure you that we can help you hit your budget and style. Our glass panels are offered in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" thicknesses to cater to your choice in pivot and sliding designs. Our sliding, folding and pivot doors along with our walls and partitions start at 28 inches and go to as wide as your space allows. The sliding door option is only available with showers that have at least a 58 inch opening. Our pivot glass showers doors are limited to a 36 inch width due to the flex factor in the glass. If a pivot door is too wide, cracking may occur when the door is shut hard. Also, our pivots are specified to not exceed a certain weight limit to ensure proper function.

Tempered Glass Design

Our glass doors, walls, and partitions are fabricated with tempered glass panels. This ensures safety and durability in even the most demanding environments. When paired with the proper hardware and designed to meet weight and size specifications, our glass panels will offer years of safety and dependability.

Low-Iron Glass Panels

Our glass panels are offered in an array of tints and levels of clarity. Our standard glass panels are widely used in commercial and hospitality settings along with our low-iron option. The low-iron glass panels offer a higher level of clarity that removes the green hugh often associated with glass replacing it with a blue edge and an ultra clear front and back pane. Other glass panel colors we offer are bronze and a smoked gray finish in either standard or low-iron.

Clear Glass Shield

Our clear glass shield is designed to maintain and protect your glass panels. Glass doors, walls, and partitions that are protected by clear glass shield will resit stains, dirt, and discoloration. This will ultimately add longevity to your glass panels and also makes them easier to clean.

Decorative Glass Services

Add Color and Designs with Our Decorative Glass Services


When designing your sliding glass doors, walls, and partitions, our Decorative Architectural Glass offers a wide variety of options to make your piece perfectly fit within your personal style and taste. Textured glass, vibrant back-painted colors, glass film, and other various decorative glass services will help you achieve a “one of a kind” brand standard that works with your project.

Mix and match our decorative glass services to get that exact look you need and if you need custom artwork, our team of artisans in conjunction with our art department will make sure your glass doors, walls, and partitions are exactly what you're looking for.


Laminated Glass

Explore our three exciting decorative laminated glass lines or incorporate your custom interlayer for your next project. We offer a huge selection of laminated glass colors in our ViviColor Line, stone textures with VitraStone, natural fiber interlayers such as wood in the Etama line, and finally add a delicate touch of class with our fabric interlayer line called Coutoure. Choose opacity levels with our frosted interlayers with all of your laminated projects or mix and match with other decorative services. By using laminated glass in your designs, you gain the ability to control daylighting and even score LEED points while delivering a stunning centerpiece in your space.

Etched Glass

Etched glass is a great functioning and decorative piece for the laid back casual environments to the most sophisticated. Etched glass patterns add a great touch as a centerpiece or integrated into your casegoods protective glass, partitions, walls, and glass showers. Etched glass even adds privacy to partitions, glass showers, offices, or public spaces. The artistic abilities with etched glass offers you endless design options; use your own custom design or spread your company culture and create your own brand standard.

Printed Glass

Print in high definition direct to glass with our Digital Glass Printing option. With full color spectrum in 1200 DPI, we can print truly vibrant images and designs onto glass up to 120”x72”. Choose printed glass for light enhancing imaged windows or privacy partitions. Choose between different levels of opacity and density to achieve the perfect effect. Printed glass is a true example of functioning art.

Glass Film

When you can't permanently alter the glass in your space, our glass film is a perfect alternative. Whether you want frosted panels, etched designs, or a great looking color graphic or print, our glass film is sure to fit the bill. Easy to install and remove, our glass film will not damage your existing glass panels. You are now able to achieve so much thanks to our frosted, etched, and printed glass decorative films that even feel like frosted glass! Use our vast library of designs and patters, or create your own.

Textured Patterned Glass

The physical element of our Textured Glass Patterns connects a tactile sense to an already beautiful visual design. Create a dynamic light and texture experience with each of our Rolled and Cast Carved Glass Textured Collections. These custom and standard patterns allow a deeper, connection with your design. Utilizing traditional and modern texturing techniques, we offer you a collection to physically heighten the energy of your design. The artistic distortion of light through the three dimensional surface projects beautiful lighting and transparency effects and can work to support the intent of your design. By specifying the density and opacity of the pattern, you are able to control the amount and quality of light withing your space. This is especially beneficial should you need to distinguish areas for privacy or take advantage of natural light to increase day light within your scene

LED Egde Lit Glass

Create powerful impact by illuminating your etched glass with our LED Edge Lit Glass service. Transform any frosted or etched glass surface into a power display in any setting. With literally millions of colors at your fingertips, use our wireless remote to change the mood of your space or the display of your glass panel. Our LED Edge Lit options works great with patterns, logos, and images etched directly to your glass piece.

Glass Hardware

Polish Your Project Off Right


Our selection of glass hardware will provide you with a wide variety of options to finish off your project with classic flair. Choose a finish that meets your design needs along with a hardware style that compliments your design vision. With so many styles and finishes, your sliding glass doors, walls, and partitions will be a one of a kind luxury brand standard that will keep people talking.   Our glass hardware will allow you to build any kind of glass centerpiece you want for your space without losing style. With our pivots and sliders you are able to have a glass door, usually reserved for luxury hotels, in even the smallest spaces. Our knobs and handles are as sleek and bold as our clients' eye for design allowing each glass door to to function as well as it looks. Our hardware finishes are as broad and stylish as our designs. With finishes such as chrome, brushed, satin, and bronze, among others, we are sure to meet even the most discerning client.

  • Vast Collection of Knobs, Handles, Pivots, and Sliding Hardware
  • Multiple Finishes like Brushed and Polished Metal
  • HIghly Quality Materials that Add Durability and Long Life
  • Top Designer Styles Used by Many Five Star Resorts