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LED Edge Lit Glass

Decorative Glass Service

About LED Edge Lit Glass

Create a powerful impact by illuminating your etched, glass with our LED Edge Lit Glass service.
Transform any frosted, carved, or etched glass surface into a powerful display with literally millions of colors at your fingertips. Use our wireless remote to change the mood of your space or the display of your glass panel.
Perfect for walls, partitions, signage, cladding, and elevators. Our LED Edge Lit options works great with patterns, logos, and images etched directly to your glass piece.

LED Edge Lit Glass Points of Interest

Adjust your LED’s brightness, color, and light display with a wireless remote
Light up any etched or carved text, design, or pattern
Ability to light up large scale projects
Perfect alternate source of light
Great for signage, walls, and partitions
Etch glass panels up to 72″ x 144″

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