• etched glass logo on business storefront
  • creative details in large glass walls
  • glass surface tested for non-ghosting

Product Information

Today, storefront glass offers the use of colors, tints, finishes, and treatments that are nearly limitless and can be strong enough to be building materials in there own right. Acid etched glass is suitable for internal or external use for a decorative look as well as for privacy and it creates an attractive finish for partition walls, windows, doors, furniture, shelving and wall cladding. Decorative options include etched patterns, textures, decorative inter layers, colors and more opportunities for designers to provide a unique, customizable aesthetic look for any project.

Glass can be laminated with other glass types for strength, combined with a decorative interlayer such as a fabric or wood veneers, insulated, tempered, bent, color coated or acid etched with a decorative pattern to create a completely new design. These glass options are interesting because they also provide energy efficiency and attractive visual effects.


Storefront Glass

Storefront glazing allows glass to be used in large uninterrupted areas creating tremendous design opportunities for designers and architects. The opportunity to utilize color and creative details in large glass walls allows a near endless choice of products that can restrict light, add light and add color or reflection. For those areas covering floor slabs or office services, there are options to either contrast with the glazing or look similar while providing value.

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