• decorative art glass wall provides privacy without blocking light

Product Information

wallart 1All doors shown can be shipped with custom etched glass or ordered with any of our decorative window films applied to enhance the appearance of the glass. Glass etching or etched glass films also add to the privacy of the room without blocking out the light. FGD can provide tempered and laminated glass to meet all safety glass codes and ASTM standards. Whether it’s new construction or building rehabilitation, we provide high quality laminated glass curtain walls, entrances and storefronts.

wallart 2FGD is capable of creating amazing effects with glass utilizing different colors, silk-screened designs, fabrics, pearlescent fillers and/or textured glass as well as sandblasting encapsulated inside. Therefore, no finger printing or damage to the design will occur. Another advantage to choosing laminated glass is its' ability to block out 99.9% of UV rays transmitted through the glass.

Go from standard walls to works of art. Etched or printed glass panels and glass partitions give you the privacy you need and the sophisticated beauty you deserve. Let our decorative panels give you seclusion in offices or conference rooms without making the room feel like it's closing in on you. Light still pours in from the surrounding rooms and the outside, but glass etching keeps people from looking in on you.


Decorative Glass Walls

FGD Glass Solutions offers a range of office partitions and glass wall partitions with innovative design features using carved glass, bent glass, cast glass and other unique designs that allow the end user to plan an office environment to their most exacting specifications.

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