Redesign With Glass Showers in Mind

Redesign With Glass Showers in Mind

You’ve decided to renovate those dirty, dated bathtubs into sleek, modern glass showers. But that’s as far as you’ve gotten. What size do you need? What layout is best? Sliding or pivot design? what hardware should you choose? What glass thickness? This can get very difficult very quickly and without an expert, you can shut down very quickly after being overwhelmed. So let’s take this step by step and build you a glass shower that fits with your bathroom design and will function perfectly for years.


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Glass Shower Layouts

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There are a few layout options to consider when redesigning your bathroom. We’ll go over the most common: Single Pivot, Inline Pivot or Inline Sliding, 90 Degree Sliding or Pivot, and Neo Angle. All of these layout have their place whether you are doing a complete remodel or simply pulling out a tub and replacing it with a glass shower enclosure. These different layouts offer various options if you are wanting to freshen up the layout of a bathroom. Most showers are designed to fit within the same footprint of the bathtub. If you are planning on completely remodeling the bathroom, the footprint for your new shower could be as large as you want. The inline shower layout and 90 degree shower layout is also offered with a sliding door feature. This is great when you want to save room!

Glass Panel Thickness

How thick should you go when it comes to glass shower door panels? 3/8″ tempered glass is the industry standard. We wouldn’t recommend anything less than that. If you go too big in size or too heavy, you may have to get special hardware that will support the weight. You get a lot more weight as you go up in the thickness of the glass panels. If you want to have crystal clear glass shower panels, we suggest opting for the low iron option to remove that green hue commonly seen with glass.

Why is glass clear?

Sliding and Pivot Options

If you have the space, this is solely up to you on a design and function level. But if there is any chance you may bang a door against and counter, toilet, or towel rack, I’d suggest going with a sliding door if you choose the Inline or Pivot layouts. With the other layouts, you factor in the swing of a pivot door and mark it on the floor to judge the distance and radius of the door opening.

Glass Shower Hardware

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With the massive popularity of glass showers, the hardware marketing has exploded with tons of amazing options, designs, and finishes. From pivots to sliders. Handles to towel bars. Glass shower hardware options are absolutely endless. When you buy a kit, depending on if it’s a pivot kit or a sliding kit, the pieces usually include a handle, u-channels if applicable, sliding system with stoppers or pivots/hinges, and a towel bar. Standard finishes are bronze, chrome, and brushed chrome although a bevy of other finishes are available from various outlets.


Glass Shower Safety

I’ll admit it, it’s a little unnerving to shower surrounded by glass. But the safety of a glass shower is more durable than a window around a baseball field. With it’s thick, tempered glass design, you’ll be hard pressed to damage or even destroy the glass panels. There are only two things to consider, after installation, inspect all the edges and drilled holes that the hardware fits through. If you see any cracks, deny the installation and get a replacement. Cracks are tempered glass’ enemy. It would only take small vibrations like slamming the door to shatter the glass. Also, the edges of tempered glass panels is the weakest part. Using a tool like a hammer or metal tool with a medium amount of force will shatter the panel. Luckily, when tempered glass shatters, it blows up in small pebbles that only leave superficial cuts if any. It’s a great safety feature if you carry a hammer into the shower with you.

Glass Shower Cleaning

This is the best advice I can give anyone: Keep a squeegee in the shower and take thirty seconds to wipe down the glass after every use. You’ll never have to clean the glass. Simple as that.

Clean glass showers with a squeegee

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