2019 Trending Architectural Glass Roundup

In 2019 we saw an influx of designers and architects excited about new products, decorative glass, insightful articles, and samples. Today, we are going to dive in and check out our most popular in each of these categories and shed some light into why these things sparked a lot of interest.

We have often seen that the same products and decorative glass make the list year over year, but this year saw a huge buck of the trends. New and reignited interest sprung forth for various products and topics. Let’s dive in!

Etama Wood Decorative Laminated Glass

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design has been around for decades, but only in the last couple years has it really been brought to the forefront of design. From using organic materials to natural forming shapes incorporated into the design, biophilic design is creating rich and healthy environments for people through the inspiration of natural settings.

White Cloud Antique Mirror Elevator

Antique Mirrors

We literally could not keep enough antique mirror samples in stock. White Cloud, Bright White, and Dark White were some of our most popular samples. Featuring rich, organic patterns, no two antique mirrors are the same. Offered in a variety of colors and designs ranging from subtle and calm to bold and colorful, antique mirrors have been born again and pulled from the head boards of 1970’s motels and injected into some of the most posh designs this century.

GridVue Maui Glass Shower Enclosure

Grid Showers

We saw the trend emerging about 2  years ago and began developing our two GridVue shower models. Since we launched them earlier this year, we’ve had a large influx of clients needing more information or simply skipping that step and putting them in their project. Grid showers offer an industrial, early 20th century look while still maintaining a luxe, sophisticated appearance perfect for any environment.

Exclusive Decorative Glass Patterns

Two years ago we launched our new sample vehicle and since then have continuously updated the samples within based on feedback from the design community. After getting so much feedback, we have designed and created our own, in-house exclusive patterns and designs. In 2020, we look forward to more designs to share with you and are excited to see them incorporated in projects the world over.

Grid Barn Door Banner

Barn Doors. Barn Doors. And more Barn Doors.

If I had to take a shot in the dark as to what was the absolute most popular product of 2019, that would be our barn doors. From website traffic to inquiries to topics of conversation, no one could get enough barn doors. It started with our all glass barn door panels featuring etched, printed, laminated, and back painted designs and colors. In 2019, we introduced our GridVue barn door along with wood barn doors with glass inserts all available with any of our decorative glass. Even our guide to barn doors article topped out 2019 over all of our other articles.

University of Chicago Medicine Etched Glass 2

University of Chicago Medicine Etched Glass Partitions

Etched Glass

Year over year, etched glass has been a major driving force in digital traffic, sample requests, and projects for us, especially in 2019. Why? Because etched glass is timeless. It’s literally never gone out of style in over 100 years. Etched glass is a very flexible decorative glass in terms of style. You can get any pattern or design, even words and images etched and carved on glass, plus it looks great and classy to boot. Full frosted panels are perfect for offering privacy whilst allowing light transfer for bathrooms, showers, and conference rooms. Words, logos, and images for signage, and lastly, etched patterns are for partitions, cladding, headboards, and doors. Etched glass isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and we are proud to leading the charge for our clients.