Antique Mirrors Are Bringing Back Luxe and Sophistication

The past two decades have seen a decline with antique mirrors, but for the past year there has been a great resurgence in their usage. From hotels to commercial spaces to home use, antique mirrors are being used as focal points in kitchens as backsplashes and cabinet inserts to living rooms as wall installations, feature walls, to framed focal points above the fireplace where the tv once reigned. It is even being used in furniture applications as a tabletop for coffee tables and end tables.

Antique mirrors offer a bit of double duty in the sense of brightening up smaller spaces while making that space look much more elegant by adding a bit of sparkle and reflective light.

What makes antique mirrors so unique as a design piece is that they are attractive in any space. From a beach house resort to a Manhattan condo, the antique mirror adds sophistication and flair. It’s subtle markings and opacities reflect a slight mysterious image that is unexpected and more discreet with added sophistication and interest. Start looking around and you’ll find antique mirrors in lobby areas, behind concierge desks, used as wall cladding, around bars, and even in the ceiling.

Antique mirrors are offered in a wealth of light-diffusing textures and finishes from calm and consistent to colorful with loads of flare. Due to the manufacturing process, no two antique mirrors are the same. You may even find small color variations between two pieces. Completely organic in nature and design, antique mirrors are almost art as much as function. Max sizes are pretty large too at 84″ x 144″ meaning you get less seams and better color and pattern matching instead of using multiple smaller pieces of glass.

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