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lumawall in hotel bar
Decorative Glass

Benefits of Using Decorative Glass in Hospitality Design

Decorative glass is becoming increasingly popular and is being used more frequently in hospitality design. Its popularity is due to its desirable qualities such as its versatility, unique aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency. Hotels, restaurants, and bars can create a visually stunning space while enjoying the practical advantages that decorative glass offers.

Candler Hotel glass shower project
Glass Showers

5 Advantages of Glass Shower Doors For Development Projects

At FGD Glass Solutions, we take pleasure in offering an extensive range of glass showers to complement any developer’s bathroom design concept, no matter how big or little. Our modern glass doors can fulfil all your design and function needs, whether you’re contracting for hundreds of units or a boutique hotel, condo, or multi-family project that needs a smaller bespoke order.

Tanner Health Pavilion Etched Glass Handrail
Decorative Glass

Top 10 Decorative Glass Projects

Check out our featured top 10 decorative glass projects from boutique custom single pieces to huge projects with decorative glass throughout the space.

How lit mirrors are made and how to use them
Glass Showers

Smart Ideas For Small Bathroom Designs

In a lot of commercial and multi-family living spaces, the bathrooms are sometimes smaller than the walk-in closets. Creative design techniques is key to making the most of small bathroom spaces. From colors and patterns to product selection will be key to pull off a successful bathroom design.

Grand Bohemian Hotel Fiji Shower
Glass Showers

Glass Shower Hardware Crash Course

Today we are going to dive into the world of glass shower hardware. We’ll explore the various parts within a glass shower hardware kit from header and handles to the hinges.

White Illuminated LumaWall Panels
Decorative Glass

LumaWall Illuminated Glass Wall Cladding System

LumaWall illuminated glass wall cladding system. Offering flexible and attractive design features such as decorative glass and hardware options that can be used to create a consistent design throughout your projects and multiple spaces.

Decorative glass on SoFi Stadium
Decorative Glass

Decorative Glass Application Ideas

Decorative glass can completely transform a space, be it a business, hotel or building. Not only will decorative glass act as a statement piece, but

barn door hardware styles
Barn Doors

Find the Perfect Barn Door Hardware

Explore barn door handles, pulls, sliders and tracks, hardware finish options and what hardware will work best for you. Barn door hardware is like jewelry

how to clean glas shower doors
Glass Showers

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

Learn how to clean glass shower doors by removing soap scum, the best products to use, and how to keep your glass shower clean. Glass

broken tempered glass in womans hands
Decorative Glass

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is one of the most common glass types used in architecture due to its thermal properties, safety, and durability. But do you know

White board Mounting Hardware
Glass Whiteboards

Glass Hardware Mounting Options

From glass showers to barn-doors, glass whiteboards to decorative glass, glass hardware has got to be the last thing anyone ever thinks about on any

decorative glass vs. acrylic panels banner image
Decorative Glass

Acrylic Vs. Glass: Which is Better?

A lot of projects are using decorative acrylic in the place of decorative glass and for some very good reasons. But, is acrylic always the better choice? Acrylic does have its place along with a wealth of pros. But it does come with its cons.