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Decorative glass on SoFi Stadium

Decorative Glass Application Ideas

Decorative glass can completely transform a space, be it a business, hotel or building. Not only will decorative glass act as a statement piece, but

barn door hardware styles

Find the Perfect Barn Door Hardware

Explore barn door handles, pulls, sliders and tracks, hardware finish options and what hardware will work best for you. Barn door hardware is like jewelry

broken tempered glass in womans hands

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is one of the most common glass types used in architecture due to its thermal properties, safety, and durability. But do you know

ImageVue custom printed glass orb wall for Surface Tension project

Biophilic Design

Creating rich and healthy environments for people through the inspiration of natural settings. For decades, Biophilic Design has been talked about, utilized, misunderstood, and changing

Carved and LED edge lit for the NCAA College Football Hall of Fame

What is LED Edge Lit Glass?

From end users to architects, general contractors, and designers, I’ve seen a major interest growth in LED Edge Lit Glass.  Often hailed as a way

White board Mounting Hardware

Glass Hardware Mounting Options

From glass showers to barn-doors, glass whiteboards to decorative glass, glass hardware has got to be the last thing anyone ever thinks about on any