How to Choose The Right Barn Door Style To Suit Your Needs

Barn Door With Mirror Insert

When planning a renovation or designing for a project, it can be difficult to know what is a classic feature and what is nothing more than a fad that might go out of style a couple of years down the line. 

For simple decorative features, it is no big deal; carpets and flooring can be replaced, walls can be painted a different color. However, when it comes to integral structural things like doors – well, you need to make sure you opt for the right ones because they can be much more difficult and costly to replace.

Barn doors are one of those things that came into fashion and never went out. Not only do they look great and suit almost any decorative style, but they are incredibly functional as well.

This video shows some creative and fun ideas for barn doors:

What are the benefits of a barn door?


Barn Doors are lightweight and fitted on a track – this means that they are perfect for people of all ages and physical condition. The vast majority of the weight and strain is taken by the track, and there is no more pushing down or lifting up handles to open and close doors.

Space savers – traditional opening doors require space in order for them to be opened and closed fully, whereas a barn door just needs wall space. This is particularly useful where space is at a premium, as it so often is in new hotels and apartment buildings.

Interior barn doors can open up or close a room – there is a huge demand for multi-functional rooms these days. Barn doors can be used to open up two rooms and make one bigger space, or make one large room seem like two more intimate rooms.

Melissa Dittman Tracey, editor of Styled, Staged and Sold blog and contributing editor for REALTOR Magazine explains in this post how barn doors are a huge trend in interiors at the moment:

“The sliding barn door can be a statement piece and open up precious floor space when rooms are tight.”

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here.

How do you choose the right barn door for your project?

So, you have read about the benefits of a barn door and have decided that they are the perfect doors for your upcoming development. Great! Now, you have to make a decision about which barn door to opt for. There are many different barn door options available, so you must choose the right one to suit your needs.

You can even use our new barn door designer to help you visualise the look of the barn doors you choose.

Where is it going to be placed?

Before choosing your barn door, please take into account where it is to be placed. Is it going to be used primarily for function or aesthetics? A barn door is perfect for rooms or entry points that do not have enough space for a traditional opening door. If you want a barn door for aesthetic and style purposes, why not put it a study, closet or pantry?

Do you want single or double barn doors?

Most designers opt for single barn doors as they obviously require less wall space. However, if you are hoping to partition one larger room into two smaller ones, a double barn door might be the better option. You can also choose to have two single barn doors on a double track, if you would rather. Whichever option you go for, accurate measuring and purchase of the doors are essential. If you need more advice on measuring up for your barn door, give us a call. We are happy to provide support and advice.

What sort of finish are you after?

This is dependent on your own personal tastes and also where about in your development you are planning to have them. Depending on if you decide to go with wood or metal barn doors, your finish options will change. With wooden barn doors, you have options from painted to stained to natural finishes. For metal barn doors, you can choose from finishes such as flat black, brushed, and polished metal finishes.

The great thing about barn doors is that there is a huge range of finishes available to suit every preference, budget and need. If you want to retain a traditional, rustic look, opt for an untreated barn door. If you want to enhance the natural deep color and beauty of the wood but keep it protected for years, go for a stained wood for your barn door. You can also choose primed ones, which allow you to paint it or finish it yourself without hassle , or for the easy option, go for one that has already been primed and painted for you.

Barn Door Designs

When it comes to design, there are three main types: paneled, flush and glass.

Paneled ones are exactly that: paneled. They have stiles and features on them to create a more rustic design. These are popular, especially as they look most like ‘traditional’ barn doors. Flush ones are the opposite; they are smooth and flat, which may be the smartest choice if you have a small space. Glass barn doors are also becoming increasingly popular in areas where privacy is not an issue, such as between two main rooms. These are great because they let lots of light through. However, if you did want the benefits and style of glass barn doors but still add a layer of privacy, you can opt for frosted glass designs, etched glass and even printed glass. There are plenty to choose from at FGD Glass Solutions. There are other options too. Barn doors are very popular on closets and wardrobes, and this naturally lends itself to a mirrored finish.

Barn Door Material

The most obvious choice for a barn door is wood, and it does tend to be the most popular. However, there are other options available. Did you know you can have metal ones as well?

Wood is one of the most practical, because they can be painted or varnished if you want a change. However, metal is a great, modern choice. It all depends on the style of your project and your design preferences. Wood looks great in older, more traditional properties and metal and glass can look amazing in contemporary or industrial style homes.

Barn Door Hardware

This is where you can really go to town with customizing your barn door. From rollers to tracks, handles and pulls, you can finish off your barn door to really complement the rest of the room. For a stylish look, choose hardware that matches or is along the same style as those on other doors in the room or building.

barn door hardware styles



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