Decorative Glass for Elevators

LumaWall Elevator Surrounds

Spruce up elevator hallways, surrounds, and cabs with decorative glass! Introduce charming satin and colored mirrors, illuminated glass panels, intricate stone patterns, bold printed designs, and frosted glass offering endless options for transforming elevator surroundings, hallways, and cabs into eye-catching pieces in your project. Get ready to experience the capabilities of decorative glass that not only makes your projects stand out. I’m going to go over a range of decorative glass options that pair well with elevator hallways, cabs, and surrounds that we often see in architectural and interior design projects. For elevator cabs, weight is often a concern and we work closely with clients to ensure we supply you with stunning results while staying within your project specs and limits. Let’s dive in!

Where to Add Decorative Glass

Only knowing about different decorative glass options is just half the battle. Knowing when, where, and how to use them is the other half. I’ll show you three places you can use decorative glass in your elevator projects to add consistency throughout your project and visual appeal.

Elevator Hallways

The hallways and walls that have elevators is a prime area to spruce up. These spaces are focal points can offer a lot of impact in your design.

Elevator Surrounds

Elevator surrounds are the portions of the walls that surround the elevator doors. Match the rest of the hallway if you decide to use glass wall cladding throughout, or go with contrast with back painted or printed glass. You can also add an alternative light source by using our LumaWalls.

Elevator Cabs

Inside the elevator, the elevator cab itself is often overlooked. How many times have you been in an impressive hallway of elevators only to have the elevator doors open and you’re greeted with stained beige walls and a flickering florescent light?

Gone are those days, I say. Illuminated Wall panels, back painted glass, etched glass, printed glass, all of these are great choices to take your elevator cabs up a few notches from dated horror movie scene to making a impressive impression.

Cleaning Decorative Glass

Cleaning decorative glass couldn’t be easier. A lint free cloth and some warm soapy water, and you’re done. Use a dry lint free cloth to keep the dust off. Glass is scratch and bacteria resistant and super easy to maintain. Perfect for any interior.

Office Lobby Satin Mirror

Satin Mirrors

Consider utilizing satin mirrors to upgrade the elevators in your project and their surrounding areas. By incorporating this sleek and sophisticated design element, you can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. The reflective nature of the satin mirrors not only adds visual interest, but it can also help to create the illusion of a larger and more spacious environment along with softening reflections and light. Additionally, the durability and easy maintenance of satin mirrors make them a practical choice for high-traffic areas. So why settle for a plain and uninspired elevator when you can transform it into a striking focal point with the simple addition of stunning satin mirrors?

Bronze Tinted Mirror Banner

Tinted Mirrors

Mirrors in elevator cabs is a staple that’s been around for a long time. But a lot of designers and clients are incorporating tinted mirrors into their elevator designs to offer all the benefits of a mirror, but adding a pop of color. This gives off major lux vibes while making the space feel bigger and balancing lighting. Complete the package by incorporating tinted mirror for the elevator surrounds.

Dollywood Elevator Cab Glass


LumaWall, our exclusive illuminated wall panels have become a huge hit inside elevators, as elevator surrounds and in hallways. LumaWall pairs excellently with our printed glass (as shown) to display your own artwork, photographs, branding, and more. You can even pair it with any of our patterns. With LumaWall, you can control brightness, color, and graphics. LumaWall is also light and compact enough that it’s not an issue to use inside an elevator.

VitraStone Samples


VitraStone offers the posh look of stone, marble, granite, and more. Incorporate in your elevator cabs, but where VitraStone really shines is in elevator hallways and as a elevator surround. VitraStone can be direct printed and laminated depending on your needs.

Luma Marble Elevator Doors

LumaWall + VitraStone

Many of our clients love to pair our LumaWall with VitraStone. Lit up stone textures looks amazing in any setting and takes your space to another level of posh. Perfect for inside elevators, hallways and surrounds. LumaWall also acts as an alternative source of light and utilizing LEDs, it’s also easy on the power bill.

Decorative Glass for Elevators 1

Antique Mirrors

Oh, antique mirrors. One of the hottest items in decorative glass, design, interior design, and most requested by clients. Antique mirrors look great anywhere. Antique mirrors offer all the perks of a mirror, but their antique texture offers a classic focal point and makes any project look and feel more expensive. Experiment using antique mirrors inside elevator cabs to make the space feel larger and more unique. Great for elevators that top out in a luxury suite or or Michelin star restaurant.

Custom Printed LumaWall Panels

Printed Glass

Printed glass is such a cool decorative option for elevators. Print anything you want on glass, from patterns to branding, photographs to graphics. Offered in full color with high DPI, you can have crisp prints on glass. Perfect for continuing your designs from one surface to another. Such as using printed glass in a elevator hallway to inside the elevator. Pair with LumaWalls to light up your printed glass panels.

LumaWall Elevator Surrounds

Back Painted Glass

Add sleek colors to your interior space with back painted glass. Our library consists of dozens of standard colors, but we also offer perfect color matching so your glass panels will match the rest of your design or branding. Back panted glass is very modern looking with slick reflected glass surface with the pop of color behind it. Perfect for surrounds, inside elevator cabs and hallways.

Etched glass partition

Etched and Frosted Glass

The grandfather of all decorative glass, etched glass or as some say, frosted glass. Full frosted glass panels are perfect for diffusing light but still allowing for light transfer. Also perfect for adding privacy without losing light or having people feel boxed in in a space. You can go full frosted, or etch patterns and designs to match the rest of your space, your branding, or vibe of your project.



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