Get Colorful With Tinted Mirrors

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Mirrors are great. Not always our best friend, but useful none the less. Now, you’ve heard the term “through rose colored glasses”. With tinted mirrors, that’s exactly what you get, but with even more colors like bronze, gold, peach, blue, and more.

Because of their reflective nature, mirrors are often seen more of as a tool. You put a mirror over a sink so you can judge yourself while you brush your teeth, or put one by the front door to remind you that you forgot to brush your hair when you rush off to work a hour late.

You see, mirrors are a designers best friend because they make smaller spaces feel larger, bounce natural light around, add a focal point, and of course the useful nature of just having a mirror. But a tinted mirror adds that sheen. That spark. The pop of color in an otherwise bland, boring, “seen it before” design.

Before you say, I don’t want a peach colored mirror over my sink while I judge myself when I brush my teeth. I get that, I do. But did you know you can put mirrors quite literally anywhere? Check out this article about 10 ways to add mirrors to a design where I give you a few creative ideas on how to incorporate mirrors into your space.

Tinted Mirrors Details

Let’s dig into the nitty gritty. We offer two varieties of tinted mirrors. Monolithic and laminated.

Our monolithic tinted mirrors is a single mirror made of tinted glass. Our laminated variety is a clear piece of glass glued to the face of a mirror with a color film in between.

laminated glass production

Adding a Pop Of Color with Tinted Mirrors

Monolithic tinted mirrors are a little limited in color. We offer six colors ranging from bronze and gold to grey and black, peach and blue. The laminated variety of tinted mirrors offer a wealth of more colors because during fabrication we can offer almost a limitless amount of film colors thanks to our ViviColor laminated glass. This is perfect if you’re matching branding or continuing a design across multiple surfaces.

Our tinted mirrors come in pretty much any size you need up to 96″ x 130″ for monolithic colored mirrors and 48″ x 130″ for the laminated variety and range in thickness from 1/8″ to 1 1/2″.

Do you want to get funky? You can also get tinted mirrors custom cut into any shape. Wavy, circles, square and rectangle of course because that’s normal, triangles and more. Any shape. There are also various edge bevels like pencil polish and ogee for those who want to have exposed edges like for protective table tops.

Add your decorative flare with adding decorative glass patterns to the face of the tinted mirror. That’s right, we keep piling on the options. Etch, print, or have a custom laminated interlayer printed with any pattern. We offer an extensive exclusive pattern library, or you can supply your own vector artwork for us to print, etch, or use in lamination.

So get excited, get creative, get tinted mirrors and step up your design game today.



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