Which Glass Table Top Should You Use For Your Hotel Or Office?

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With the world spending so much more time indoors, making upgrades to your hotel or office can bring the right amount of organization, comfort, and class to your space. An essential element for any area is a tabletop. Glass tabletops make the perfect surface.

The Benefits of a Glass Tabletop

There are many benefits to choosing glass tabletops:

  • Tempered 
  • scratch resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Easy to Clean

They are easy to clean and will safeguard whatever surface the glass rests upon while letting the table’s structure and style below be clearly visible unless you choose a creative option such as etched glass

For example, you can etch your company logo into a coffee table in the waiting room where your clients will see the name for subtle and repeated brand recognition that they will remember long after they leave your office.

Glass tabletops also protect the furniture from UV damage, are bacteria and scratch resistant and offer a wealth of options in terms of usage from dining tables to protecting furniture to standing alone upon a base as a feature in your space.

Beautifully Durable Glass

Glass top coffee tables and tabletop glass for office desks and conference tables are great options for durability. They lend more light to a space by indirectly reflecting the light and making the area feel brighter and more open. These details increase your space’s caliber and offer protection for the surfaces below, all the while letting the authentic look of wood grain, for example, shine through.

There is a multitude of options depending upon your style and aesthetic, even laminated glass. Whether you are looking to complement your current design or go for contrast, you’ll find what you’re looking for in glass.

For a unique, show-stopping look, try back painted glass. This technique offers the sheen and clarity of glass with a depth of color below the surface.

Show Your True Colors

There are more than 2,300 beautiful high-quality colors and six different Paint Options to choose from to reflect your individuality and stand out amongst the crowd. You’re sure to find just the right one. Samples of some of the colors may be requested, as well, so that you can try out different colors and options in your space before purchasing.

Another fantastic design option is Printed Glass. In this process, the experts can print an array of images onto the glass. Imagine sitting across from your clients at a conference table with a rectangle glass tabletop and a stunning image of an Exclusive Decorative Glass Pattern printed directly onto it. You can even choose your own artwork. It’s sure to impress.

Ensure you go to a reputable company for quality guidance and service to select and produce unique glass tabletops.

When considering all of the benefits of glass tabletops, don’t forget replacement glass for dining tables. The glass comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with distinctive bevel choices. The world has shifted  during the pandemic. Glass is comfortable handling your cold drinks and hot plates without damage. A glass tabletop provides the same convenient ease of cleaning as other areas in your home and a durable surface to continue entertaining and spending time with those you love.



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