Glass Whiteboards: More Than Sleek, They’re Safe.

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In today’s Post COVID world, public space safety is paramount; guests of hotels, patients at hospitals, and employees in offices. The standard, everyday dry erase board is one of those items that has got to go for the sake of people’s well being. In short, it’s disgusting.
How many hands have been wiped across it? Someone spitting on a napkin to clean it off? It’s scratched, holds bacteria, isn’t easily cleaned, and if you’re a neat freak like me, it’s stains and ghosts. Eww. Seriously, it’s time to throw the dry erase board out and replace it with a glass whiteboard.

Glass Is An Amazing Building Block

Glass, By Nature, Is Anti-Microbial
That means microbes and germs don’t stick to it or get embedded into it. It’s super easy to clean and is scratch and stain-resistant. Also, it’s super strong and durable and will more than likely still be mounted in place by the time you retire.

Glass Whiteboards Are Good Looking, and Safe, But Also Feature Packed
Like we mentioned earlier, glass whiteboards repel bacteria, scratches and stains. They’re also tempered and stand up to the most grueling environments. You can use any cleaner, even a razor, to clean them, and you don’t have to worry about hazing or scratching or crackling as you do with acrylic. You can also use any pen on a glass whiteboard, from ink markers to paint markers to permanent markers. Go to town.

Not Just Safer for People, But Safe for the Environment
I can’t speak for all glass whiteboard manufacturers, but at FGD Glass Solutions, we use low VOC water-based paints. Perfectly safe for the environment and little impact. Pairing our paint with fully-recyclable glass for our glass whiteboards creates a perfect Eco-friendly product.

types of remarkables whiteboards

Unlimited Design Options

Remember the days when you had to use tape on a dry erase board to create a calendar grid or a sales department tracking list? Gone. Those days are gone. With a glass whiteboard, you can print anything on it. They’re not just white glass boards. Print a calendar, day tracking goals with areas to put names or stats in. Print a pretty picture of your cat. Branding? Sure. Your favorite color? Why not. What about this… Your favorite color with a picture of your cute cat in the corner with your logo at the bottom and a calendar on the left with your top monthly sales reps on the right? You got it, dude!

The ability to get a glass dry erase board custom-tailored to your exacting needs is important. Your glass whiteboard needs to function and make employees’ jobs easier. Glass whiteboards work for you with options like that.

Whiteboard Magnetic Backing Full size

Need extra functions? Sure. Glass whiteboards are also offered with magnetic backing, perfect for posting printed documents, among other things, directly to your glass whiteboards. Maybe pictures of your cute cat or birthday cards of cats. I guess you could also post the warning you got from HR or some pie charts if you’re so inclined. It’s your glass whiteboard. I’m just here to help you along.

medical whiteboard square render

Let’s Put Glass Whiteboards Everywhere!

You were curious, but now I have your attention at this point. Let’s go ahead and envision all of the areas you could put glass whiteboards. Beyond a simple 3′ x 4′ glass board mounted to a wall, there are many options. Remember, we’re getting rid of the dry erase boards because they’re disgusting, old, stained, and scratched. So first off, wherever you have a dry erase board, let’s put a glass whiteboard there. Now onto some other cool ideas.

In corporate offices, you can place glass whiteboards as backsplashes in cubicles. Floor to ceiling glass dry erase boards in an architectural firm or behind the front desk to help with planning. Use custom printed grids and fields for data and productivity tracking and mount it in the sales department.

In healthcare facilities, glass whiteboards work well as patient boards with beautiful photos of scenery and nursing stations to help with planning and organization.

Education can see a massive boost by using glass whiteboards, considering they discourage scratches, ghosting, and staining from constant use. They help boost the image of your institution and hold up well in heavy traffic areas.

The options are limitless with what you can do with a glass whiteboard and where you can implement them. A glass whiteboard can be found anywhere you need to write and store data that’s always visible and often changed.

Hospitality can really utilize glass whiteboards. The cleaning staff uses them to mark what rooms in hotels need to be cleaned and keep track of product count like sheets, pillows, little soaps, and cleaning supplies. The front desk and management can use it for the same reasons corporate offices do. Restaurant staff can use glass whiteboards as a backsplash to write grocery lists and recipes. Also, to draw pictures on when no one is looking.

So, for the benefit of your staff and bottom line, a glass whiteboard is the answer. No more germs, nasty stains, and get a productivity boost with a product that works for you and keeps you healthy.



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