Transform Your Space With Interior Sliding Barn Doors

Interior sliding barn doors are a fantastic way to save space in a room while maintaining functionality. Interior barn doors also add a wonderful design element and focus point to any room. Barn doors can also be paired with decorative glass options such as frosted glass to allow for privacy while allowing light through.

Fully customize your barn doors with a range of decorative glass and barn door hardware styles. Whether you’re looking for modern glass barn doors or traditional wood panel doors with glass inserts, you’ll be able to find the barn door that will meet any project and budget demands.

Why Interior Barn Doors?

Barn Door Panel Line Up

Barn doors offer a few functionality perks over a standard swing door that designers and users will both appreciate.

Save Space With Modern Barn Doors

Swing doors need a lot of space to swing open. This can lead to less usable floor space as it needs to remain clear for the door.

Barn doors slide along the wall and can even slide over framed pictures and behind furniture. This is perfect for hallway doors, hotel suites, multi-family designs, and other smaller spaces. As long as you have the wall space, you can place an interior barn door.

See The Light With Glass Barn Doors

Traditional wooden doors can block sightlines and light. Your interesting space is now a dark corner of a building. With glass barn doors, you are able to light up your room and even maintain your privacy with etched or frosted glass. Even with the door closed, your space will have natural lighting that can extend through multiple spaces.

Barn Door Options To Fit Your Needs
Interior barn doors are also highly flexible, thanks to all of the additional functionality that they offer. Barn doors have a number of customization options offering a completely bespoke barn door that is clean, modern, and perfectly sized for any particular need.

Here are a few great examples of how our interior barn doors can be personalized for your specific needs.

    • Choose a glass interior sliding barn door or a barn door panel with a glass insert. This allows for more light to pass through from one room to another, and it also maintains sightlines throughout your space.
    • Alternatively, use a frosted glass barn door to maintain light transfer, but maintain the privacy of having a solid door.
    • Make rooms look and feel larger interior barn door. Since the door can just slide along the wall, it means you don’t need to leave extra space near the door, creating more space for furniture and other large items.
    • Choosing darker hardware finishes such as a matte black helps blend the door into the design of the room if you require a more subtle look and feel of a door that doesn’t demand attention.


Finally, our barn doors are entirely customizable to your exact needs. While we offer all of our regular barn doors and glass barn doors in standard sizes, we can also create bespoke products that are designed specifically for your needs. Sliding barn doors are great since they do not need to conform to door-related standards. So whatever your design ideas are, we will be happy to help you create a bespoke solution for your exact needs.

The Components of a Great Barn Door

barn door hardware styles

We are proud to provide a wide range of barn door solutions to fit our clients’ needs. From barn door hardware to wood and glass panels. Let’s look more in detail about each of these parts and find out what the important elements of a great barn door are.

The Panel

The barn door panel is perhaps one of the most critical pieces of a great barn door. From glass barn doors to wood panels with glass inserts, you can find a huge variety of panels designed specifically for your needs. Browse modern styles with a range of unique decorative glass options and finishes. You can also find offer rustic barn door styles constructed from a fine range of high-quality woods in various finishes and colors with glass inserts such as antique mirrors and frosted glass.

The Rollers

The second most critical piece and one that will really stand out is the rollers. There is a wide range of roller styles. From low profile and sleek designs to large, industrial bulky styles. No matter what you choose, you need a smooth rolling function that will stand up to years of use. In short, these are the wheels and will take a lot of use. Our rollers are made from steel and other solid components that offer many years of use with no wear.

The Tracks

The track system is what allows the panel slide. There are many variations on what the track can look like, depending on the client’s preferences. Some may prefer to hide the hardware so that it’s not visible, while others like the industrial look of an exposed track. Others may need a specific type of track designed for panels made from glass, and some clients prefer a ceiling mount instead of having the track placed on a wall.

If you’re unsure what type of track you’d like for your sliding barn door, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we’d be happy to explain the many different styles and the benefits they offer.

The Handle

Barn door handles come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. There’s a style for every taste and sizes range wildly depending on your design aesthetics. The most popular barn door handle designs are a ladder pull, d-pull, and mitered pull.

The Latch

Sliding doors don’t have a way to be “closed” unless they have a latch. A latch essentially locks the door in place to ensure that it can stay open or closed. This enables extra privacy by letting people lock the sliding door from the inside, but latches can also be used to close double doors together.

Installing Barn Doors

There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when installing a barn door.

Correct Measurements for a Barn Door

Before installing a barn door, it’s important to know precisely how large the door opening is. A sliding barn door is usually made to size to fit a standard door opening, but our barn doors can be customized to your needs if you have a non-standard door opening or plan to have a larger opening that will require two sliding doors on either side.

There also needs to be enough space for the track and other hardware to be mounted above the door, between the opening and the ceiling. Depending on the type of mounting hardware you request, there may be limitations on what is possible.

You also need to ensure you have enough wall space, about 3 or 4 feet, on either side of your door opening for the barn doors to slide over.

Since every project is unique, we highly recommend contacting us so that we can assist you with the measuring process.

Simple Installation Process

Regardless of the hardware paired with the door panel, installing barn doors is easy. With the provided hardware kit and installation guide, your contractors or customers will be able to quickly install the barn door safely and correctly.

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