LumaWall Illuminated Glass Wall Cladding System

White Illuminated LumaWall Panels

FGD Glass Solutions is proud to announce their latest glass system product; LumaWall illuminated glass wall cladding system.

The LumaWall illuminated glass wall cladding system offers a illuminated glass cladding system with flexible design and layout choices. Combine with our decorative glass options such as print, etch, and lamination for a truly unique product.

LumaWall interior glass cladding systems are available either illuminated or unlit styles to suit the requirements of your project. With freedom of design, you are completely in control. In addition, no adhesives or glass drilling are required, making the system quick and easy to install, adjust and replace, saving you time and money.

LumaWall Uses

LumaWall interior wall cladding offers a wide range of applications. They can be used on all projects, both small and large, and in any market. Some of the ways that they have been used in the past include enhancing walls, columns, and elevator interiors. There are many possibilities available with interior glass cladding from FGD Glass Solutions.

LumaWall Elevator Surrounds

Making Your Project Unique With Decorative Glass

Our vast decorative glass library means that you have unlimited panel options. You can choose from printed, etched, laminated and back-painted glass. Also available are edge-lit panels with dimming, color, and lighting control. All of these options offer you unique design possibilities to customize your project. The minimal bezel on the interior glass wall cladding helps to further enhance the aesthetics of the illuminated panels.

Our panels are manufactured in-house with our unique light dispersing technology reducing any hot spots, halos and dark areas, ensuring consistent lighting for all projects. LumaWall illuminated walls are fully customizable to the specific needs of your project.

Custom Printed Illuminated LumaWall Panels

Easy Turn-Key Installation and Upgrades

LumaWall Illuminated Glass Wall Cladding System offers a turn-key solution. The fast installation process of the glass wall mounting system means that you save time and money on your project. When the glass panels are illuminated, the LED shines through the acrylic piece refracting the light to illuminate the glass panel from behind with your choice of designs printed or etched on it. LED lights used with the LumaWall system can distribute the light in a range of colors, patterns, and brightness values to achieve your desired effect.

The LumaWall system is designed to make it easy to move individual panels for replacement or maintenance, avoiding the need to replace the whole system. Choose the panels that you need in square feet, and they will be fabricated in-house to meet your specific needs.

LumaWall Cutaway

Download Our LumaWall Lookbook

LumaWall Brochure

Download our LumaWall lookbook and learn about our vast array of decorative glass options, hardware finishes, and features.



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