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Our Etama line of decorative glass has started to catch the eye of designers and clients alike that are seeking that natural, biophilic aspect within their design. Etama is created from environmentally conscious sourced wood in South America where it is put through a water treatment allowing the wood fibers to soften. At that point, locals peel the wood and pound it out to create an almost paper like material. Once dried, the Etama can be dyed in various colors and even laid out in various weave patterns. We source this Etama and laminate it as seen within this project or pair it with our ViviColor interlayers to allow specific daylighting options. We also include various opacity levels allowing the Etama to be the focal point, but adding a level of privacy some clients seek.

Project Details

Market: Corporate
Location: Johns Creed, GA
Designer: Hendrick Inc


Etama Laminated Glass

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