Rustic or modern? Find the right barn door hardware for your needs

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Barn style doors have become increasingly popular over recent years, with their rustic style appreciated in many hotels & developments across the country. However, there are no rules when it comes to styling a barn door for your project. A lot of designers have gone for modern takes on barn doors, giving their hardware a contemporary edge so that the style fits in with the rest of the elements within the room they are creating. With that in mind, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about choosing the right hardware for your barn door.

Rustic vs modern barn doors

Whether you opt for a rustic or modern barn door is a design choice. It depends on your own taste, as well as the style of the building and project in question. If it is a contemporary space, with clean lines and a minimalistic feel, a modern barn door will be better suited. However, if the development is more homely, a rustic barn door would work well.

Decorative hardware for your barn doors

There are many different hardware options to choose from when it comes to interior sliding barn doors. Your decision will dictate the overall look and feel of the room you are creating, so it is something you need to consider carefully.

Door pulls are very popular when choosing barn door hardware, as it enables you to easily open and close the door. A matching pocket door pull should be installed on the inside of the door so that there is something to grasp from either side. You can opt for ornate, wrought-iron door pulls if you want something more traditional. For a modern feel, keep it simple with the design.

There are lots of different decorative options for those who wish to create a rustic feel. Clavos, which are decorative nails, offer a cost-efficient way of adding character to a rustic barn door. You can either attach them in a creative pattern or simply hammer them in around the door’s edges.

Beautiful antique mirror inserts can add a bespoke feel to your interior barn door. Rather than having a plain, rustic door, you can give it a luxurious and custom feel without losing that antique style. This sort of addition is the perfect way to make your barn door a statement piece within the room.

Barn door with inset antique mirrror

Another option to consider is faux hinge straps. This accessory provides an easy way of adding authenticity to a rustic interior barn door. By attaching faux hinge straps, it gives the impression that your barn door opens like a conventional hinged barn door, even though it doesn’t. This is the perfect way to create that rustic, old-school feel.

So there you have it: an insight into the different factors that you should consider when you are looking for the perfect barn door hardware for your interior door. Deciding whether to go down the modern or rustic route depends on the style of your property at present. Look at the other elements that are featured within the room and this should help you to understand what is going to be most appropriate in terms of the interior design.

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