Smart Ideas For Small Bathroom Designs

How lit mirrors are made and how to use them

In a lot of commercial and multi-family living spaces, the bathrooms are sometimes smaller than the walk-in closets. Creative design techniques is key to making the most of small bathroom spaces. From colors and patterns to product selection will be key to pull off a successful bathroom design.

Traditionally, the bathroom is often looked over in terms of attractive design concepts. This is due either to the size, bathroom norms and standards, or the decision to focus on more popular common areas like the kitchen and living rooms. Budget also plays a large part. Why spend a portion of your budget on a space that groups of people usually don’t congregate in? It would be like sprucing up a closet space.

Today, we’ll show you that the bathroom is equally as important as any other room in your project and how to make it stand out with even the most popular areas.

Limited space and light in a bathroom are two of the biggest hurdles in bathrooms. Light transfer and space saving designs will go a long way in any bathroom.

Ditch the Tub and Get A Frameless Glass Shower

Grand Bohemian Hotel Fiji Shower

The first big step to a more spacious small bathroom is to lose the bathtub and go with a glass walk-in shower. With our large selection of glass shower enclosures, you’ll be sure to find the style and design you’re looking for to match your bathrooms aesthetics.
We prefer a frameless glass shower for clean sightlines and ultimate light transfer. As for hardware, a brushed stainless finish is great at reflecting light without being distracting. It also hides fingerprints well and looks classy.
When choosing a glass shower, go with the sliding door option. This way you save space and is easier to operate in a small bathroom. It also means you can place the shower anywhere in relation to the toilet and not have to worry about door clearance.
If you can’t go with a walk in glass shower, we suggest a fixed glass shower panel for your bathtub. This is a great solution because you don’t have to worry about cluttering up your space with a dirty shower curtain, it’s cost efficient, and allows your bath to pull double duty as a tub and a shower.

Add Another Light Source with Lit Mirrors

Round Lit Mirror

The next big upgrade is a lit mirror. We all know that a mirror adds an sense of depth and helps brighten an area by reflecting light. But lit mirrors do a bit more.
Lit mirrors offer a touch of class and sophistication to any space, but in a small bathroom, especially ones with no windows, they add another source of light. Often they come with dim settings from night light to ultra bright for when you’re getting ready for a night on the town. They also have temperature settings ranging from 4k to 7.5k. This allows for perfect warm to cool tones depending on what the user needs. A defogger is also included in most led lit mirrors. This helps the mirror stay clean, but also is a quality of life feature that many guests of hotels and residents in multi-family spaces crave. Say that for the standard bathroom light fixture.
In small bathrooms, we suggest a round or oval mirror to counter the square look of bathrooms and give the space a more natural, open feel. We also suggest going bigger rather than smaller. An oversized mirror can make a room feel larger than it is.

These two simple tips will drastically improve any small bathroom project you have will minimal cost. Check out our selection of glass shower enclosures and lit mirrors for your next or current projects.



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