Top 10 Decorative Glass Projects

Tanner Health Pavilion Etched Glass Handrail

Decorative glass in any space is a centerpiece that commands attention. Be it etched glass showers, colorful laminated wall partitions in an office, or a colorful glass tabletop, decorative glass has proven itself to be a top design aesthetic for every project. Today we are going to go through 10 of our most popular decorative glass projects based on designers input ranging from single custom pieces to large scale projects.

Tanner Health Pavilion Etched Glass Handrail

Tanner Health Pavilion

FGD Glass Solutions fabricated and supplied the etched and laminated glass handrail systems to Tanner Health for their new pavilion on Carrollton, GA.

Carved and LED eddge lit glass panels at Glock in Smyrna, GA

GLOCK LED Edge Lit Glass

In conjunction with Craterdust, FGD Glass Solutions created stunning, large format LED Edge Lit Glass panels for Glock’s redesign. These panels include etching, LED edge lighting, and installation.

Carroll Sparkle Couture Office

Carroll Total Healthcare

This project was a beautiful combination of elegance and modern touch here at Carroll Total Healthcare in Cumming, GA. Featuring our Sparkle Couture laminated glass and custom LED Edge lit glass, creating an atmosphere of comfort.

lumawall in hotel bar

LumaWall Restaurant Interior

In this restaurant, custom printed LumaWalls were added behind the bar to add lighting and a focal point for the bar area.

Throughout the dining area, the same printed LumaWall panels were added to the pillars for lighting and to break up the space.

Delta Skyclub Atlanta

Delta Sky Club

We are proud to supply the Delta Sky Club decorative glass around the country. Here is an example we did for Delta at the Hartsfield – Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.
Consisting of laminated Delta Blue glass mounted to a etched glass panel.
Chick-Fil-A Headquarters etched glass windows

Chick-Fil-A Headquarters

Installed as the “inboard” lite of an insulated glass unit. Located in the Clerestory lobby of the day care facility at the Chick-Fil-A Corporate Headquarters.

Scout On A Circle

Custom printed glass table top for the chic Scout On The Circle in Fairfax VA. Boasting a modern design, the project demanded exact color matching to go with the rest of the interior design palette.
Top 10 Decorative Glass Projects 1

Iron Point - Revel Folsom

Custom laminated paper interlayers were fabricated for Woodsmiths in their Iron Point project in Folsom, CA.
Custom etched and laminated for McDonald's McCafe

McDonald's McCafe

The Laminated and Etched glass for the McCafe station is designed to upgrade the appearance as well as functioning as a splash guard for the McCafe/Coffee production area.

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