Use Glass Signs to Spruce Up Your Branding and Wayfinding

Etched and LED lit glass sign for Huntington

There are many ways to post signage, messages, and wayfinding throughout a space. One of the most proven ways with some of the most benefits is glass. Glass is cost-efficient, and the range of decorative glass options for colors, patterns, and text is almost limitless to your imagination. In addition to that, glass can refract light, so illuminating glass signs are easy and low cost. Let’s dive into the options you have when you consider glass signs for your project.

Why Glass Signs?

Beyond the above mentioned reasons, glass signs offer a range of options, unlike other materials. Glass is also a low-cost, easily fabricated material that can be altered with direct to glass printing, laminating, etching, and back painting, and edge lighting.

Decorative Glass Options for Glass Signs

Etched Glass Signs

One of the most popular options for decorative glass is etching. Etched glass is created in various ways, one of the most popular being sandblasted glass.

A mask is created to block areas from being sandblasted while leaving other areas exposed. Any mask can be printed from shapes and designs to logos and text.

Etched glass can also be taken a step further. When you make multiple passes over the same area, it leaves a deeper etch. This is known as carving or carved glass.

Etched and carved glass respond well and are required for edge-lit glass as the etched and carved surfaces refract the light and become illuminated.

Vinyl Film Glass Signs

So, most companies don’t own their office space, and most landlords don’t want you painting, etching, carving, or in any way permanently altering glass walls and partitions. This is where glass vinyl film comes into play! Think of it like Cling Wrap for glass, but with a lot more options.
Glass vinyl film is a sticky back film that you apply to glass for decorative and/or privacy purposes. The best thing about glass vinyl film is the fact you can remove it without damaging the glass. So when you’re ready to move, you can easily remove the film and get your security deposit back. Did I mention it’s very, very affordable?

Vinyl film comes in a rainbow of colors, can be cut to any shape or pattern, even text, and has a range of opacities for privacy. You can also print film just like you can print directly to glass. So full-color, large format printed vinyl for branding or continuing your design throughout your space? Yes, please!

Back Painted Glass Signs

Glass, as we all know, is transparent. To really make your design pop, back painting is a great option. Especially if the front of your glass is printed or the whole sign has a laminated pattern or logo. It makes the back of the glass opaque while still seeing the front of the glass and what’s inside the glass in the case of lamination.

Printed Glass Signs

Direct to glass printing is an excellent option because you can literally print anything direct to glass. The ability to print in high quality, large format in millions of colors direct to glass is a game-changer. Perfect for photos, gradients, and complex patterns and branding. Another great option with printed glass is to infill carved glass areas. So you get the relief of carved glass with the color options of print, creating a colorful 3D effect.

Laminated Glass Signs

When safety glass is required, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looks with custom decorative laminated glass interlayers ranging from full-color print to opacity adjusting interlayers to a wide range of color interlayers. Laminated glass can also be paired with the above mentioned decorative glass options.

Hang In There

Use Glass Signs to Spruce Up Your Branding and Wayfinding 1
barn door hardware finishes

Now that you have your perfect glass signs planned out, how will you mount them? Glass signs can use any glass mounting hardware on the market. From stand-offs to u-channels and z-clips, even specific glass adhesives. Depending on your project and glass location, the mounting hardware is very important. Is it a public space or a private office? Interior or exterior? What are your local building code requirements? These are all essential factors to consider because they will dictate how your glass can be mounted and with which hardware. For most interior glass projects, the options are vast. So go on and polish this glass sign project off right and make your glass signs pop with some fantastic looking glass mounting hardware.

Are you confused about glass signs? Need some help? We are here for you. Call or email us, and we will walk you through all of your questions and offer you the advice and suggestions you need for a successful glass signs project.



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