27 New Patterns For VitraStone Decorative Glass

VitraStone Sample

After working with designers and our in-house team, we have gathered 27 new stone textures for our VitraStone decorative glass line.

These new textures feature marble stone, granite slabs, and much more ranging from neutral color tones to bold colorful striations. The stone textures add a posh characteristic and stunning visual focal point to any environment.

Our VitraStone textures can either be printed direct to glass or laminated. We also offer large formats for these services. For our laminated glass, we offer sizes up to 100″x144″ and for our printed glass we offer 82″x121″.

lumawall in hotel bar

VitraStone also pairs with our LumaWall illuminated glass wall panel system. For stunning results, light up your VitraStone glass panels. Perfect for full wall coverage, elevator surrounds, pillars, and so much more.

If you’re interested in adding VitraStone to your project, please contact us today with your project specifics. We will send you samples and work with you to ensure the final product fits your design needs.



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