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Contact Information

  • 470 Satellite Blvd NE Suite A
    Suwanee, GA 30024

  • Office: 770-614-4121
    Fax: 770-614-4180

  • Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM

Company Directory

Richard Lindeborg Partner
Derek Lindeborg CEO
Angell Lindeborg CFO Ext: 200
Kaley Brown Accounts Receivable Ext: 218
Mike Lindeborg Purchasing | Logistics Ext: 203
Ryan Hunter Sales Director Ext: 217
Larry Kalski National Hospitality Manager 404-316-4074
Rich Bowden Jones Decorative Glass and Hospitality Sales Manager 770-722-8491
John Rose Marketing Director Ext: 214
Don Strong Director of Estimating and Project Management Ext: 208
Denise Krause Estimating Ext: 211
Betsy Wynkoop Hospitality Project Management Ext: 219
Gary Taylor Sr. Estimating Ext: 202
Henri Ellison Production Manger Ext: 204

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