Creative Glass Whiteboard Ideas

When I was a cook way back in the day, I learned a valuable lesson. Due to the small sizes of kitchens, you simply can’t fit loads of equipment in that tiny space. So what you do buy has to have multiple functions. The most famous is the 10” or 12” chef knife. It’s a great spatula, spoon, and of course a knife. So this fact holds true with pretty much anything I get now. If I can’t get multiple uses out of pretty much anything, it’s pointless to me. So I’m surprised when people ask me the point with glass whiteboards. Let me add a bit more to my fact of life; when something has multiple uses it have various points of ROI. Basically makes you money via saving you money. A glass whiteboards ROI is because it is multifunctional and due to its durability, never really needs replacing.

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Let us imagine we are in a sales department of an SMB and the team is currently using a little 2’x3’ dry erase board. The company has been in business for 5 years and has grown at a rate of 5% a year. You can imagine that this dry erase board is more than likely stained with the names of sales reps, numbers of previous quarters, and at one point, someone used a sharpie to keep score with a office betting for the NCAA Sweet 16. This dry erase board has cost the company $45 and in no way contributed to boosting productivity, organization, sales, and due to its lack of durability, will cost the company another $45 to replace it next quarter.

A glass whiteboard on the other hand is fully customizable. This one simple fact has unlimited possibilities. Get that from a big box store.  White charts, names, lines, and so forth integrated into that company’s glass whiteboard now offers a sense of organization which will boost productivity within sales. Now add in the fact that this company can incorporate their culture, core values, philosophy, branding, and get it up to wall size is just icing on the cake.

Used in a war room scenario, you have a team effort focused around a glass whiteboard, sharing ideas and innovating. That’s money in the bank, happy employees, a better company, and a better gain every quarter.

So what other products, besides the computer, can do that?

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