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Our Decorative Glass Services

FGD|OSS is proud to be a leader in decorative architectural glass with our extensive line of fabrication options. Our services consist of glass etching, lamination, back-painting, glass film, glass printing, and LED edge lit glass.

We also offer a number of glass panel options such as Standard Clear, Low Iron, Acid Etched, Satin Mirror, Starfire Mirror, Standard Mirror, and Acid Etched Mirror.

Etched & Frosted Glass

Etched glass provides privacy while still allowing light to shine through. By blasting the surface with aluminum oxide, we are able to make microabrassions on the sufface of the glass to create a frosted appearance.
Take etched glass a step further with carving, a deeper etch, to create a 3d relief. Carving can be further enhanced by backpainted, LED edge lighting, or in-filling with any of our DecorLite colors.
Also, etched glass is offered in various opacities and gradients perfect for projects that require privacy and style.
Our artistic abilities with etched glass offers you endless design options; use your own custom design like logos or patterns, to create your own brand standard. We also offer a library of patterns to use on any of your projects.

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Back-Painted Glass

Adding a crisp, colorful pop of color to any environment, our Decorlite back-painted glass is perfect for cladding, tabletops, backsplashes, barn-doors, and more.
Offered in a wealth of colors along with custom color matching ensurs our Decorlite back-painted glass will fit any project.
Due to it’s scratch resistance and hygienic properties, Decorlite back-painted glass is great for hospitals, bathrooms, public spaces, and offices.

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Glass Film

Achieve that etched glass look and feel, or go with something truly unique with a full sized, color film. Anything you can imagine, we can make a film for it. Direct image printing, custom cut-outs, etched patterns and styles, text, and more.
Glass film is easy to install, will not damage the glass it’s applied to and has the same selections of patterns and features that our other glass services offer, all for a fraction of the cost.
Our frosted films feel and look just like etched glass. They even refract light the same. But as opposed to etched glass, you can remove the film later on without permanently damaging your glass panels.

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Decorative Laminated Glass

We offer a huge selection of laminated glass colors in our ViviColor Line, stone textures with VitraStone, natural fiber interlayers such as wood in the Etama line, and finally add a delicate touch of class with our fabric interlayer line
called Couture.
Choose opacity levels with our frosted interlayers for all of your laminated projects or mix and match with other
decorative services.
By using laminated glass in your designs, you gain the ability to control daylighting and even score LEED points while delivering a stunning centerpiece in your space.

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Printed Glass

Print in high definition direct to glass with our Digital Glass Printing option. With full color spectrum in 1200 DPI, we can print truly vibrant images and designs onto glass up to 110” x 62”. Choose printed glass for light enhancing imaged windows or privacy partitions. Choose between different levels of opacity and density to achieve the perfect effect. Printed glass is a true example of functioning art.

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LED Edge Lit Glass

Create powerful impact by illuminating your etched, glass with our LED Edge Lit Glass service.
Transform any frosted or etched glass surface into a power display with literally millions of colors at your fingertips. Use our wireless remote to change the mood of your space or the display of your glass panel. Our LED Edge Lit options works great with patterns, logos, and images etched directly to your glass piece.

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