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FGD | OSS is a proud leader in decorative glass fabrication, with an extensive line of services and products.

Our services include glass etching, lamination, back-painting, glass film, glass printing, and LED edge lit glass. We can customize glass for any project to provide you with the effect that you want to achieve your goals.

Through our decorative glass library, you can explore our product range, including Decorlite back-painted glass, antique mirrors, various laminated patterned glass, vinyl films, and custom patterns

Decorative Glass Library

Our library features samples from our decorative glass lines. Enjoy the pictures and specs for each sample, and request free samples when you find designs that you love.

The library features colorful Declorlite back-painted glass and ViviColor laminated glass, as well as Couture fabric, Etama wood, and VitraStone laminated glass patterns. We offer many mirror options, including satin and antique mirrors too. Lastly, our large line of exclusive glass patterns offers you something unique that you won’t find elsewhere.

Decorative Glass Services

With a wide range of products and services, you’ll be sure to find the look and features that you’re looking for from our decorative glass company. We offer etched glass, back-painted glass, laminated glass, printed glass, and LED edge lit glass. Each of these options are completely customizable and offer you the ability to use custom patterns, colors, and opacities.

We can help to complete your project by providing both glass products and services to service your needs.

Common uses for Decorative Glass

Decorative Glass Doors

Enhance the look of any internal or external door with our choice of decorative glass doors, with a range of styles and designs, including interior sliding barn doors. Using a range of techniques for creating beautiful glass, we make your doors eye-catching and memorable. Our decorative doors can improve your home or business, with a choice of effects from our various glass collections. We can also offer complete customization for decorative doors. Make the entrance to any building or room look incredible, and tempt people inside through creative use of glass

Mirror Insert Barn Door

Decorative Glass Mirrors

A decorative mirror glass is a stunning feature to add to any project. Our collection of mirrors includes antique effects and the Satin Mirror collection in a range of vibrant colors. Mirrored glass elevates many projects, from backsplashes to tabletops, and can be cut to size to suit your needs. Whether you want bold colors or neutral shades, choose from plain or patterned options. We are able to cut our decorative mirrors to any shape or side to meet the requirements of your project

FGE0511 Led Lit Vanity Mirror

Decorative Glass Walls

A decorative wall can have an amazing impact on interior spaces, including offices, art galleries and other commercial spaces, and in your home. Glass walls can be used as separators for open spaces, whether opaque or transparent. They can create separate office spaces in open-plan offices or used as other room dividers. Decorative glass walls could even be used to wall off a bathroom area in a hotel suite or apartment. Our glass walls can make your project complete.

University of Chicago Medicine Etched Glass 1

Download Our Decorative Glass Lookbook

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Our decorative glass lookbook will show you our various fabrication techniques, decorative glass collections, and patterns. Learn about our decorative glass services consisting of back-painted, etched, carved, and laminated, and printed services ensuring a jaw-dropping feature in any environment.

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