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Antique Mirrors

Introduce Luxe & Sophistication With Antique Mirrors

Our antique mirror colors range from calm and subdued to bold and bright and our antique mirror patterns are perfect for any environment with our minimal to high contrast designs. From dark silvers and greys to golds and purples and from slight hazes to bold, cloudy designs, in any shape or size, our antique mirrors are a perfect statement or accessory to any room. All of our antique mirrors are offered in a number of solutions such as wall cladding, barn doors, back splashes, tabletops, or cut to your size for framing.

Beyond standard cut sizes, we now offer antique mirror cases (24 sheets), stock sheets, half cases (12 sheets), and mixed half cases for our glass company clients.

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Antique Mirrors Overview

Antique glass sample kit

Request Antique Mirror Sample Kit

We are now offering free 12 piece antique mirror sample kits featuring all of our patterns and colors. Add these antique mirror samples to your library now by requesting your kit today for quick drop shipping.