Etched & Frosted Glass

Decorative Glass Service

About Etched Glass

Etched glass provides privacy while still allowing light to shine through. By blasting the surface with aluminum oxide, we are able to make microabrassions on the sufface of the glass to create a frosted appearance.

Take etched glass a step further with carving, a deeper etch, to create a 3d relief. Carving can be further enhanced by backpainted, LED edge lighting, or in-filling with any of our DecorLite colors.

Also, etched glass is offered in various opacities and gradients perfect for projects that require privacy and style.

Etched Opacities

Etched Gradient

Our artistic abilities with etched glass offers you endless design options; use your own custom design like logos or patterns, to create your own brand standard. We also offer a library of patterns to use on any of your projects.

Etched Glass Points of Interest

Etch transparencies from 10% – 100%
Carve the glass panel with deeper etching for 3D relief patterns
Full size gradient fades and patterns for full opacity to complete translucency
Compatible with other services such as LED edge lighting, back-painting, lamination, and printing
Etch text and designs
Etch glass panels up to 72″ x 144″

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