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Etched & Frosted Glass

About Etched Glass

Etched glass is one of the premiere decorative glass options. Used for decades, etched glass offers almost unlimited possibilities while retaining a classic, clean look, allowing light transmission, and providing privacy.

Etched glass is used on a variety of areas from walls and partitions, to glass doors, cladding, and even glass tabletops. You can get creative with etched glass by choosing glass patterns, words, gradients or full frosted panels. Full frosted glass panels offer total privacy without restricting light transmission where as shapes, patterns, and gradients allow you to continue your design ideas across glass. Incorporate branding, wayfinding, or shapes found throughout your environment directly to glass. Any of our decorative glass patterns or your supplied vector art or text can be etched onto glass. We even have a fully functioning art department that can take your sketches and ideas and get them ready for you.

Etched glass is offered in various opacities and gradients perfect for projects that require privacy and style.

Carved Glass

Take etched glass a step further with carving, a deeper etch, to create a 3d relief. Carving can be further enhanced by back-painting, LED edge lighting, or in-filling with any of our Decorlite colors.

Etched Glass Overview

Carve the glass panel with deeper etching for 3D relief patterns
Full size gradient fades and patterns for full opacity to complete translucency
Compatible with other services such as LED edge lighting, back-painting, lamination, and printing
Etch text and designs
Etch glass panels up to 72″ x 144″
Etch transparencies from 10% – 100%
Glass Samples

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