Add sophistication, daylighting, and a decorative pop with our collection of mirrors.

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About Our Mirrors

Our large library of glass mirrors featured a range of function and style solutions. From standard mirrors to tinted, frosted, 2-way, and antique mirrors.

Our mirrors are offered in sizes ranging up to 96″ x 130″ in monolithic or laminated variants. Pair with our ViviColor laminated glass colors or etched patterns or go classic with our Antique Mirrors.

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Standard Mirrors

We offer our standard mirrors for a range of solutions. From large pieces for gyms and bathrooms to custom cut and polished pieces to be framed or mounted. Offered in standard and low-iron glass types in a range of decorative options.

2-Way Mirror

2-Way Mirrors

Also known as a one way mirror, these mirrors are great for privacy, crafts, infinity mirrors and optical illusions.

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Frosted Pattern Mirrors

Add frosted and etched art directly to your mirror with our frosted pattern mirrors. Utilize our exclusive glass patterns or supply your own vector art work and we can etch it directly to your mirrors.

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Tinted Mirrors

Enjoy a wide range of tinted mirrors in a rainbow of colors. With classic colors such bronze, grey, black, gold, peach, and black. We also feature a wide range of laminated tinted mirrors featuring our complete ViviColor laminated glass line for a wider range of colors including custom colors.

Office Lobby Satin Mirror

Satin Mirrors

We offer a range of sophisticated acid etched tinted mirrors or choose from our laminated satin mirrors blending acid etched glass and mirror with our ViviColor films. Our acid etched satin mirrors offer a wide range of colors from an eye catching pop of color to softer hues.

Glenn Hotel Antique Mirror Pillars in Restraunt

Antique Mirrors

We offer bold and bright antique mirror styles to muted greys and dark silvers that are perfect for bringing light into dark rooms or creating high-contrast designs in modern and classic spaces and business settings.

Mirror Specs

Glass Types:
Standard or Low-Iron Mirrored Glass

Glass Sizes:
Standard, Tinted, Etched, Satin, and 2-Way Mirrors – 96” x 130”
Antique Mirrors – 96″ x 72″

Glass Thicknesses:
1/8” to 1 1/2”

Glass Services Available:
Print, Etch, Lamination, Safety Backed, Tempered

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