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Antique Mirrors

Whether it’s to brighten up a room or to add a sense of sophistication, antique mirrors are an incredibly versatile and unique option to improve the look of a room. It can be used as a statement piece at the center of a room, as wall cladding, for barn doors, backsplashes or even tabletops. Antique mirrors have countless uses, making them an excellent product for creative experimentation.

Glenn Hotel Antique Mirror Pillars in Restraunt

Antique Mirrors Offered in a Wide Range of Luxurious Patterns and Colors

FGD Glass Solutions offers a wide range of different antique mirror colors, patterns and options such as custom sizes and incorporating other decorative glass services. This makes our products extremely versatile and a great fit for many different projects.

We offer bold and bright antique mirror styles that are perfect for bringing light into dark rooms or creating high-contrast designs in modern and classic spaces and business settings. We also offer dark silvers and greys to create a more subdued and sophisticated look. For a more colorful or unique finish, we offer options such as dense copper, purple, green white and gold bronze.

Our diverse selection of antique mirror products means you can source the perfect design for your exact needs.

Antique Mirrors Offer a Number of Solutions

We understand that antique mirrors can be an extremely flexible product that can be used in both commercial and residential settings. All of our antique mirrors are offered in a number of different solutions such as wall cladding, barn doors, backsplashes, tabletops, or cut to your size for framing like a traditional mirror.

Our products can be used throughout your design to supplement modern and classic design, or they can be used in business settings to establish a sense of prestige and opulence. Regardless of how you plan to use our antique mirror products, we offer many different package options designed for glass companies in sizes up to 72” by 96”.

Bright White Antique Mirror Wall Cladding in Elevator

Antique Mirror Products Made for Businesses

Regardless if you are a glass company, designer or contractor, FGD Glass Solutions provides all clients with a range of unique antique mirror products that are designed to be flexible and fit within your needs or product lineup.

If you would like to learn more about how our products could fit your design, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information. We offer standard cut sizes for common uses, but also offer antique mirror cases, stock sheets, half cases, and mixed half cases.

Antique Mirrors Overview

  • MAX DIMENSIONS 72” x 96”

  • STANDARD THICKNESS 1/8″ – 1/4”

  • GLASS TYPES Standard mirror

  • SAFETY OPTIONS Laminated & Safety Backed

  • CUSTOMIZATION Contact us to learn more about customization options.

Antique Mirror Samples

White Cloud

Blue Grey

Bright Gold

Bright White

Copper Swirl

Dark White

Dense Copper

Gold Bronze

Green White

Grey Swirl

Soft White


Note about Antique Mirrors: Antique mirror patterns and colors are created organically. There is no guarantee that we can exactly match a previous piece or match existing pieces at a later date. The colors and patterns represented here are for reference only and are not guaranteed due to differences in monitors, photography equipment, software, and lighting conditions.

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