Satin Acid Etched Mirrors

Monolithic and laminated tinted mirrors with acid etched faces for softer lighting and subtle reflectivity

Monolithic Satin Mirror Bronze

About Acid Etched Satin Mirrors

Our satin acid etched mirrors offer a modern subdued reflectivity and softer light reflection. We offer a range of sophisticated acid etched tinted mirrors or choose from our laminated satin mirrors blending acid etched glass and mirror with our ViviColor films. Our acid etched satin mirrors offer a wide range of colors from an eye catching pop of color to softer hues.

Our range of monolithic satin mirrors are a single piece of acid etched tinted mirror with colors such as bronze, clear, and grey.

Laminated satin mirrors feature a standard mirror laminated to an acid etched piece of glass with a ViviColor film sandwiched in between. Pairing our satin mirrors with ViviColor allows for a much wider range of colors for satin mirrors than you’ll find anywhere else.

Interested in satin acid etched mirrors?

Office Lobby Satin Mirror

Custom Colors with Our ViviColor Interlayers

Achieve any color for your satin mirror with our ViviColor interlayers. We laminate a frosted piece of glass to a mirror backing with a color film sandwiched between the two pieces of glass.
We offer a large library of standard ViviColor samples, plus we offer custom colors to ensure your brand and message is cohesive across multiple surfaces.

Satin Mirror Features

  • Monolithic dimensions – up to 92″ x 126″ x 1/4″
  • Laminated dimensions – up to 82″ x 121″ x 3/8″ to 1 1/2″
  • Large library of satin mirror colors
  • Mix and match with other decorative glass options such as infilling, printing and custom etched patterns.
  • Perfect for lobbies, elevator surrounds, tabletops, counters, backsplashes, and more.
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