Tinted Color Mirrors

Enjoy a wide range of colorful monolithic and laminated tinted mirrors.

Blue Tinted Mirror

About Our Tinted Color Mirrors

Tinted mirrors offer function and an eye-catching focal point. Offering the same benefits of a mirror such as daylighting and expanding the feel of a space, but also with a tint for adding a pop of color and dramatic visuals in any design.

Offered in sizes up to 96″ x 130″ you can go floor to ceiling in your designs. We also offer custom shapes with our glass cutting service. We also offer a range of bevels if your design needs exposed edges.

Our tinted mirrors are offered in standard clear or low-iron glass panels. You can also choose between laminated, monolithic, safety  backed, or tempered glass designs.

If you need even more color, you can go laminated and have access to our whole ViviColor line of laminated glass colors or mix and match interlayers for a complete custom color of your choosing.

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Get Creative With Color

We offer our standard colors along with a wide range of ViviColor options. With our laminated ViviColor options, you have access to a wide array of colors including custom colors for your tinted mirrors.

Add Flare With Etched Glass

You can include etched patterns and designs from our library or submit your own vector files to apply directly to your tinted mirror.

Tinted Color Mirrors Features

  • Standard clear or low-iron tinted glass mirrors
  • Fabrication sizes up to 96″ x 130″
  • 1/8″ to 1 1/2″ thicknesses
  • Custom colors available
  • Various edge bevels
  • Custom cut shapes and sizes
  • Laminated, Monolithic, Safety Backed, or Tempered glass

Tinted Mirror Colors

Bronze Tinted Mirror

Grey Tinted Mirror

Gold Tinted Mirror

Blue Tinted Mirror

Black Tinted Mirror

Peach Tinted Mirror

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