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Laminated Glass

About Decorative Laminated Glass

We offer a huge selection of laminated glass colors in our ViviColor line, stone textures with VitraStone collection, natural fiber interlayers such as wood in the Etama line, and finally our fabric interlayer line called Couture.

All of our laminated glass collections are created in-house from start to finish allowing us to offer amazing turn-around times and greater control reducing errors and ensuring we help you hit deadlines and beat project budgets.

Laminated glass is more than safety glass. It can also be beautiful. Add decorative laminated glass to your barn doors, showers, cladding, partitions, and walls.

Fully Customizable

If you do not see something that fits your project perfectly, we can work together and create a custom interlayer. Using our full-color ImageVue printing services, we can create any interlayer utilizing vector graphics, photographs, or any other image. Utilize our frosted interlayers to die-cut frosted patterns or even mix and match interlayers and laminated glass collections for a total custom look.

Our decorative laminated glass lines gives you full control from pattern, color, material, and even transparency. Add a frosted interlayer on top of your decorative interlayer to add privacy, control sightlines and still retain daylighting. Our frosted interlayers look and behave just like etched glass. Choose any level of opacity. We even offer frosted gradients.

In addition to having full control of what is in between the glass panels, you also have control of what is on the glass panels. Add etched glass patterns or include back painted glass to add shadows and depth. Light up your panels with our LED edge lit glass or use our antique mirrors or standard mirrors on the back side of your laminated panel.

Frosted Interlayer Opacity Levels

Frosted Interlayer Gradient

Decorative Laminated Glass Overview

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What is Laminated Glass?

Decorative Laminated Glass 1In short, laminated glass is two or more panels of glass affixed together with a clear adhesive interlayer and sometimes also a decorative interlayer in-between each panel.

The panels are baked at a low temperature to activate the adhesive. Literally anything that is relatively thin and will not make the glass bow can be laminated, from grass and leaves to prints, papers, and fabrics.

Laminated glass panels can range in sizes all the way up to 48″ x 120″.

Since glass laminates are within two panels of glass, this leaves the front and back of the piece clean meaning you can add other decorative glass servcies such as etching, back-painting, or printing.

Laminated Glass & the Environment

Decorative Laminated Glass 2Laminated glass offeres solar energy control. When using daylight in your environment, too much can create a lot of heat. Control daylighting with our laminated glass to reduce energy usage. This also can contribute to LEED certification within your building.

Laminated glass also acts as a sound barrier due to its inherent sound absorbing properties. This makes it a perfect option for glass walls and partitions where privacy and sound control is a top priority.

Lastly, laminated glass offers UV control reducing deterioration and fading within your environment. The interlayers used in laminated glass can filter out almost all damaging UV rays.