ViviColor Colored Laminated Glass

Enjoy a wide range of colored laminated glass with ViviColor laminated glass.

Elyon Hotel bathroom with laminated glass shower door panel

About Vivicolor Laminated Glass

ViviColor laminated colored glass offers a wide range of laminated glass colors. From the colorful to more muted tones.

All of our ViviColor laminated glass is completely customizable. From size and color to opacity. If you do not see something fits your needs, we can work with you to create a ViviColor glass panel that works in your project. Also, our laminated glass is fabricated in-house which allows us to offer amazing turn around times, greater quality control, and offering you a lower cost.

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Uncle Jacks Meat House Chicken Wire Laminated Glass Close Up

Mix and Match with Other Decorative Glass

Get creative and create a signature piece with your ViviColor laminated glass. Easily pair it with other decorative glass services like mirror backing, etched glass, and glass printing.

Add Privacy with Frosted Interlayers

Control the level of opacity with frosted interlayers. Choose between fully frosted panels ranging from 10% to 100% opacity or frosted gradients. This is a great option for added privacy while maintaining light transfusion and daylighting.

Emory proton therapy center with dichroic laminated glass

ViviColor Laminated Colored Glass Features

  • Fabrication sizes up to 100″ x 144″ x 1.5″
  • Interlayer transparency option from 10% to 100% opacity
  • Choose between the optional gradient for fully frosted interlayer for added privacy
  • Interlayers are UV resistant and will not fade
  • Pair with other decorative glass services like etching, back painting, and printing.
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Download Our Decorative Glass Lookbook

Our decorative glass lookbook will show you our various fabrication techniques, decorative glass collections, and patterns. Learn about our glass services consisting of back-painted, etched, carved, and laminated, and printed services ensuring a jaw-dropping feature in any environment.

  • Explore all decorative glass collections
  • Loaded with images of every sample and service
  • All specs and options
  • Learn about our glass services

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