Carved LED Glass inside the NCAA College football hall of fame

LED Glass | Edge Lit Glass

About LED Edge Lit Glass

LED Edge Lit Glass allows you to light up your etched or carved panel or glass sign and add an alternate light source to your space. The LED strips also allow for various colors and lighting patterns such as a fixed color of your choice, animated rainbow gradient, breathing on/off effect, and more. Control everything easily with the wireless controller. Change colors and lighting animations on the fly. Simply turn on and off displays from a distance. No more hassle with cables or reaching or cords and switches.

Any of our decorative glass patterns or your supplied vector art or text can be etched or carved onto glass. We even have a fully functioning art department that can take your sketches and ideas and get them ready for you.

LED Edge Lit glass offers all of the capabilities of etched glass, such as various opacities and gradients and illuminates them, perfect for projects that require wayfinding, signage, information displays, donor boards, and more.

LED Lit Glass Overview

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