Moire Patterned Glass

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Moving Art with Moire Patterned Glass

Our Moire patterns were hand crafted and designed in-house by our art department and can’t be found anywhere else. After months of designing and creating each pattern, we tested to ensure our patterns were pleasing in effect and on the eyes. Moire patterns can get out of hand fast and cause disorientation and headaches, so we went to great lengths to ensure our patterns enhance a space and add a amazing focal point.

About Moire Patterned Glass

The term moire originates from a type of silk textile that has a rippled appearance. Pressing two layers of these textiles when wet would create imperfect spacing in the threads and create a moire pattern that remained after the fabric dried.

What is the Moire Effect?


Moire-AnimationMoire Patterned Glass 1Often seen in art, on computer screens, and in photography, moire patterns are usually avoided due being disruptive. But embarrassing the chaos yields surprisingly artistic results and with experimentation can be controlled offering subtle, and interesting patterns. You can even plan moire outcomes such as text, shapes, and patterns.

Want To Add Moire Decorative Glass To Your Project?

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How We Achieve the Moire Effect

Our moire patterned glass gets it’s movement by you, the viewer. Simply walking or moving by the glass will cause the moire animated effect to appear. By mixing various glass fabrication techniques, we have achieved various patterns that offer a moire effect as you move by the glass panels. Perfect for hallways, as distraction bands, elevator cab doors, glass railings, and more.

Moire Patterned Glass 2

Moire Patterned Glass Specs

  • Fabrication sizes up to 82″ x 121″
  • Thicknesses from 1/4″ to 1 1/2″
  • Low-iron or standard glass types
  • Laminated, Monolithic, Safety Backed, or Tempered glass
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Our decorative glass lookbook will show you our various fabrication techniques, decorative glass collections, and patterns. Learn about our glass services consisting of back-painted, etched, carved, and laminated, and printed services ensuring a jaw-dropping feature in any environment.

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