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Based out of Atlanta GA, for over 30 years FGD | OSS has been a leader in glass manufacturing, fabrication and supply. Offering turnkey glass services with products such as glass showers, barn-doors, decorative glass, tabletops, mirrors, and whiteboards. FGD | OSS has dedicated itself on ensuring our client’s projects are completed on time and on-budget exactly as planned. We specialize in projects requiring highly custom one-off pieces to high volume projects in hospitality and commercial to furniture and manufacturing. Explore FGD | OSS and discover how we strive to inspire, envision, design, and build.

Note About Decorative Glass

Colors represented on this site are for reference only. Colors are on site are not guaranteed due to differences in monitors, photography equipment, software, and lighting conditions.

Antique mirror patterns are created organically. There is no guarantee that we can exactly match a previous piece or match existing pieces at a later date.

For a guaranteed representation, please request a sample for any of our decorative glass patterns or a complete sample kit.

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