Shower, Barn-Door, & Decorative Glass Design Tools

The New FGD | OSS Design Tools lets you design your own custom Showers, Barn-Doors, and Decorative Glass in under 5 minutes.

In today’s world of lean offices, tighter deadlines, and even smaller budgets, getting a full days work done within the normal 9-5 is almost impossible. In the design world, we often find ourselves catching up on emails and responding to demanding clients and bosses throughout the evening into the night, juggling a lot of projects and details, and any bit of help is a welcome reprieve.

One of the hardest parts when designing, specifying, or buying; is sourcing. Getting those budget quotes. Finding the perfect product or service for your project. It’s time consuming waiting on drawings, specs, and quotes. When deadlines and budgets are everything, you can’t risk sourcing from an unproven or wait around for someone to hopefully respond.

That’s why we have designed 3 tools that will seriously cut down on time and streamline your process. The FGD | OSS Design Tools. So easy, you can design any of our glass showers, barn-doors, or decorative glass options with just one finger on your phone…from your bed, all in about 5 minutes.

The Design Tools are small, yet powerful, and if you know how to use 5 drop down menus, you too can generate your own custom spec sheets, drawings, model numbers, and product photos for your project board and specifications. With the tool’s capability to generate PDF’s on they fly, you can use those to request budget quotes from us that usually have only a max one day turn around.

Let’s Create Something Together

Ready to create your own shower, barn-door, or decorative glass panel?

How Easy is Easy? Well, it’s Pretty Easy

Let’s take a quick jaunt through the shower builder. In 5 steps we can get our spec sheet, product and parts photos, parts list, custom shower model number, pdf, and quote request sent in all in about 5 minutes. Check out this 5 step process on designing your own shower.

And that’s it!

Pretty easy huh? We thought so too. Be sure to check out our Barn-Door Builder and Decorative Glass Builder and make your upcoming projects a breeze. Now the final problem that we can’t solve, is what to do with all that spare time.