FGD OSS Decorative Glass Sample Box

Digital Glass Sample Kit

Our digital glass sample kit encompasses everything we offer for decorative glass all in one convenient place. No more libraries or heavy physical sample kits. Take our digital sample kit everywhere you go.

Order samples, download tear sheets and images, and browse every pattern, color, and design.

From laminated to back painted glass and printed glass to etched, we have everything you need for your decorative glass project.

Antique Mirror Samples

FGD Glass Solutions offers a wide range of different antique mirror colors, finishes and solutions. This makes our products extremely versatile and a great fit for many different projects.

Decorative Laminated Glass Collections

We offer a huge selection of laminated glass colors in our ViviColor line, stone textures with VitraStone collection, natural fiber interlayers such as wood in the Etama line, and finally, our fabric interlayer line called Couture.




Sky Blue Spider

Etama Sky Blue Cotton

Sea Green Weave

Sea Green Cotton

Cinnamon Weave

Cinnamon Spider

Cinnamon Cotton

Cobalt Weave

Cobalt Spider

Cobalt Cotton

Circular Gray

Duo-Tone Weave



Sparkle Screen

Sparkle Waves

Gold Screen

Rice Paper


Exclusive Decorative Glass Patterns Library

By taking input from the design community, our in-house designers, and months of testing, we our proud to present our Exclusive Decorative Glass Patterns Library.

This ever expanding collection of patterns and designs is created completely in house and not available anywhere else. These designs are available for any of our decorative glass services. Feel free to mix and match patterns and services for a unique, one of a kind look.

You can apply any of these designs to our architectural glass products such as; glass shower doors, barn doors, glass tabletops, and lighted mirrors.

Budding Tree

Coffee Cup

Paint Brush

Fossil Laurel

Chick-Fil-A Headquarters etched glass windows

See The Creative Things Our Clients Do With Decorative Glass

This collection of decorative glass features custom designs we’ve created for client’s projects, inspiration and experimentation.Enjoy, and find your inspiration through these samples.

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decorative glass brochure

Our decorative glass lookbook will show you our various fabrication techniques, decorative glass collections, and patterns. Learn about our glass services consisting of back-painted, etched, carved, and laminated, and printed services ensuring a jaw-dropping feature in any environment.

  • Explore all decorative glass collections
  • Loaded with images of every sample and service
  • All specs and options
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