Decorative Glass Builder

Use our decorative glass builder and design your own custom decorative glass panels. Utilize all of our decorative glass patterns and services to create a unique, one of a kind look. Start with an etched or film pattern to apply to the face of the glass. Choose a laminated color interlayer and/or pattern. From there, you can select your interlayer opacity using our laminated frosted glass. Lastly, select a back-paint color to add a pop of color.

Please contact us if you have custom patterns, designs or ideas you would like to incorporate.

To use the Decorative Glass Builder:

  • Use the drop down form on the bottom and watch as your options are displayed above.
  • Mix and match glass services such as etching, film, interlayers, and back-painting.
  • When you’re done, save or print your custom decorative glass sample. Use this to get a quote or use with your presentation board and in your plans.

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